Monday, November 24, 2014

Novemeber 24th 2014 Transmission

Aitlan closed her thighs around the head of the Igias. The Igias’ purple skin flushed green with delight. All six tentacles from the Igias’ mouth stroked deeper inside Aitlan’s vussy.

It felt amazing. Each tentacle was like a long tongue inside of her. Some were as thick as a finger while others were slender and more nimble. It was like getting fingered and licked at the same time.

Aitlan moaned and closed her eyes. She had to be at her security guard shift in a few hours but for the time being, she could enjoy a galaxy class vussy eating.

Someone laid down on the ground beside Aitlan. Aitlan did a visual security check on the person out of habit. It was a green woman with pointy ears on a very smooth bald head. Aitlan made her out to be a Sonarch, a relatively non-hostile race. A humanoid male with reptile wings sprouting from his back was performing oral sex on the woman.

“Hey,” the green woman said to Aitlan. “My name is Parilouale, but my lovers call me Pari. You have really pretty blonde hair. You also have great shoulders. Are you a body builder? I bet you work out a lot.”

“My name is Aitlan,” she responded. Sonarchs were chatty and didn’t need you to say much.

“Oh, is that an Igias?” Pari said. “You know their sex organs are in their mouth tentacles which I always thought was a weird place to have them because a single head slap would be like a kick in the balls.”

“”Mmmhmm,” Aitlan moaned. Two of the thicker tentacles were fucking her vussy with good hard strokes while the other tentacle lashed at the outside of her vussy.

“”You have great tits,” Pari said. “Can I suck on one?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Aitlan said. She was too close to orgasm to say anything else. Plus maybe Pari wouldn’t be able to say anything if she had something in her mouth.

Pari leaned over onto her side. The winged man eating her vussy adjusted himself but he kept licking. Pari opened her mouth and sucked on Aitlan’s nipple.

Aitlan moaned again. Pari’s mouth was surprisingly hot. Her tongue flicked Aitlan’s nipple at superhuman high speeds. It was almost like a vibrator.

The Igias between her thighs changed from green to red. A tentacle caressed Aitlan’s clitoris with long loving licks. Tentacles licked the sides of Aitlan’s pussy as the two thick tentacles stroked harder and deeper. They curved up inside her, hitting her Bang-spot with perfect reach.

Aitlan writhed under the oral pleasure she received. She grabbed Pari’s head and pulled her tighter to her breast. Her thighs locked around the head of the Igias. She felt her orgasm surging closer.

A hand grabbed her leg. It was the winged humanoid. Strong fingers clenched her thigh. Sharp nails pressed into her skin adding a tiny touch of pain to all the pleasure she felt.

“Great Bang!” Aitlan cried out. She climaxed, and a moment later, climaxed again. Her third climax followed came soon after.

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