Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25th 2014 Transmission

Lyg licked the vussy of the green woman. He had forgotten her name. All of his attention was on the hot salt he tasted in the folds of her lips. He also squeezed the thigh of the human woman beside them as he licked, feeling her muscles clench as she climaxed.

A shiver went through Lyg and the wings on his back flapped. He retracted them quickly. Their six meter wingspan would get in the way in this crowded orgy.

He kept licked the green vussy. Once again the flavor changed. The salt vanished and was replaced with the sweetness of candy. Lyg groaned and he licked harder. He wanted every taste of this new flavor before it changed again.

“You really eat vussy well,” the green woman said. Her name came back to him. She was Pari. “You are as good at oral sex as a time traveler I meet last week but maybe not as good as a Gillian but then that isn’t fair because Gillians don’t breathe through their mouth so they can stay down as long as they want!”

Lyg grunted in response and kept licking. Already the sweetness was gone and now there was the savory flavor of gravy on his tongue.

A growl rose deep within his chest. Lyg was a Dhuler and his race were a proud race of carnivores. Pari’s vussy had gone from delicious to damn right irresistible.

The human woman moaned. She was being licked by an Igias and its tentacles. Lyg felt her muscles clench as the Igias brought her to another orgasm.

The green vussy changed flavor again. It changed to a bitterness like wine.

“Enough!” Lyg said. He lifted his mouth from Pari’s vussy. “I must fuck this vussy.”

The human laughed. So did Pari. The green woman rolled back onto her back and spread her legs. “You are welcome to! I bet you fuck as good as you eat vussy and I can’t wait to see. You can fuck me as long as you like and if you wish me to use my mouth or even my ass, all you have to do is ask.”

Pari liked to talk. Lyg preferred to fuck. He climbed on top of the green woman and entered her. His strut pushed into the green lips of her vussy like it was made for him.

Intense heat gripped his cock. He looked down at her surprise. He didn’t remember her vussy being this hot when he licked her.

Pari groaned and wrapped her legs around him. She reached out and grabbed the human woman’s breast. The human reached back and grabbed a green breast in return.

Lyg fucked the mysterious vussy. The heat grew and grew and then suddenly it was gone. It was now slightly cool and lined with amazing ridges. Lyg groaned as his member slid along the pleasurable texture.

A few thrusts later and the vussy changed again. Now it was soaking wet and as slick as sheer cliffs of Lyg’s homeworld.

Not six thrusts later, the vussy changed again. She was tight as the walls of the vussy closed around him. Something licked the head of his strut with every thrust.

“Lords of Space,” Lyg groaned.

Pari looked up at him. For once she was quiet. She moaned as he continued to fuck her.

Lyg had no idea what was happening. Her vussy was a portal that kept changing. Her slit was a door to other vussies. The area between her legs was chaos and pleasure rolled into one. It made no sense.

It didn’t have to. Lyg kept fucking, eager to see what his strut plunged into next.

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