Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26th 2014 Transmission

Fpthm’s face tentacles dived deep inside the human woman. The walls of her vussy clenched tightly around him. It was strange to fuck a single vussy instead of the eight orifices of a Igias female but he liked it. Fucking one giant vussy was pretty damn hot.

There as a tap on his head. He rose from between the human woman’s thighs. He tried to look her in the face but her short curly blonde hair was distracting. How did humans put up with having hair on their head? Didn’t it itch?

“My friend, Pari, would like to switch,” the human said. “Is that okay?”

Fpthm looked at the human’s friend. It was a Sonarch female. She lacked the face orifices of a Igias but at least the green coloring and the lack of hair on her head was the same as an Igias. He flushed green in anticipation.

“Ptptpt-acceptable-ptptpt,” he struggled to say in the difficult one tongue language.

The green woman smiled. Fpthm stood up and traded places winged humanoid who was fucking the Sonarch. The human sat up and took the winged humanoid’s soaked organ into her mouth. The Sonarch stayed on her back as Fpthm settled down between her legs.

He looked at her vussy and saw the paradox within with his inner eye. Sonarchs were multidimensional beings who straddled multiple realms of reality. Fpthm had no desire to slip his delicate appendages into such an unpredictable tight space.

“Ptptpt-may-ptptpt-I-ptptpt-eat-ptptpt-your-ptptpt-ass?” Fpthm spit out.

She nodded. “That would be great! I have never had my ass fucked by tentacles before! Do you think they will all fit? I bet they do! My name is Parilouale but everyone calls me Pari. What is your name?”

Fpthm ignored her question. He grabbed her thighs with his hand tentacles and tilted her up. Parilouale looked up at him as her ass was lifted into the air. Her round green ass was right in front of his face. He leaned forward and pulled her buttocks apart with some of his thicker mouth tentacles while his thinner ones probed her anus.

“Wow!” Parilouale cried. “I didn’t expect them to be so nimble!”

Fpthm’s tentacles were still slick from the human woman’s juices. They pushed gently against the tight green hole and felt it expand. He kept pushing until his slenderest tentacle slid inside her tight ass. He worried for a moment that her ass may lead to another dimension but no, it was just a nice tight organic hole.

“By the Fourth!” Parilouale cried. “You got to try this, Aitlan!”

The human woman moaned something with the winged humanoid’s organ in her mouth.

Fpthm tasted Parilouale from the inside. His tentacle licked inside her while his other tentacles licked around her anus. The green woman shivered as all six tentacles licked in hungry fervor.

“More!” Pari cried. “I want all of you inside me!”

He pushed with another thin tentacle. He wiggled and slipped inside her tight ass. The tightness aroused him and his tentacles became more rigid. They secreted lubricant inside her ass as his tentacles plunged in and out of her.

A third tentacle joined the others. Parilouale groaned as three tentacles fucked her ass.

“Eat that ass!” Parilouale cried out. “Taste my ass from the inside! I can feel you licking inside and out! Devour my ass and get all of your tentacles inside me! I can take it! I must take it! I want it so bad!”

Fpthm flushed green, then yellow and then deep blue. This Sonarch female was almost as lusty as an Igias female in season. He couldn’t wait to make every one of her requests a reality.

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