Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27th 2014 Transmission

Parilouale bit her lip. The Igias slipped another face tentacle into her tight green ass. He was holding her up by the thighs while her neck and head rested on the floor. Her green breasts were tilting towards her face. It was a weird position but the ass licking/fucking was too amazing for her to want to move.

She looked up at him and his skin turned three different shades of blue. Part of her brain shifted into another dimension where it learned that Igias turned blue at the deepest state of arousal. That was good to know.

“Aitlan, are you seeing this?” Parilouale cried. “It is amazing!”

Aitlan, her human friend, didn’t respond. The blonde woman was getting face fucked by an alien with reptilian wings. The wings kept extending when he got too excited bouncing his balls off Aitlan’s chin.

Parilouale felt four tentacles inside her tight ass. Each of them pushed deep inside her ass and she could feel them exude more lubricant. With every thrust, they were getting slicker inside her.

“By the Fourth!” she cried out. This was amazing! This day cycle couldn’t get any stranger or better!

A tiny woman with black hair hovered beside her. The woman was barely seven centimeters tall. She was naked except for a gravity pack on her back.

The tiny woman yelled something that Parilouale could barely hear over Aitlan’s face fucking. It sounded like a request.

“Yes,” Parilouale said, not knowing what the woman wanted. A Sonarch never says no to a new experience.

The tiny woman hovered down to Parilouale’s left breast. She landed on Parilouale’s breast and mounted her hard nipple. Her small fingers dug into the breast flesh while her mini vussy pressed against Parilouale’s nipple.

“You don’t see this every day,” Parilouale said. “You are my first really small person that I met that except maybe the Fey but they don’t count because they don’t exist in this dimension unless there is the right circle of fungus growing on a special night.”

The small woman ignored her. She grinded on Parilouale’s nipple with a furious passion. The green breast shook as the tiny pale woman rode her.

Parilouale could barely feel the damp slickness of the small woman’s vussy juices. She squinted as she watched the mini breasts shake on the micro woman’s body. She strained to hear the groans that came from the impossibly small lips.

A thick tentacle pressed against Parilouale’s ass and her attention shifted. There were already four of the Igias’ tentacles inside her, could she possibly take this large one? It was the thickness of Parilouale’s finger and that might be too much.

Parilouale cried out as it slipped into her ass. She could handle it and it felt wonderful! Her ass had been expanded to widths undreamed of. The fifth tentacle joined the other four in fucking her, all moving at their own speed and rhythm.

The tiny woman humped faster, her body writhing on top of Parilouale’s green breast. She grinded back and forth with a lust that Parilouale had rarely seen. Perhaps the woman had none of her kind to fuck her at the station? What must it be like to be a horny woman in a land of giants?

Parilouale was glad she could offer a safe tit to such a person.

The sixth tentacle pressed against Parilouale’s ass. She felt her vussy shiver in anticipation. She reached between her legs and touched her sex. The hot steam of a molten vussy greeted her fingers. She stroked herself and felt her orgasm quickly rise.
She came as the sixth tentacle pushed inside her ass. The tiny woman climaxed and Parilouale felt her thighs clench around her breast. The tentacles ejaculated a thick fluid inside Parilouale’s ass as the tentacles continued to fuck her.

The tiny woman suddenly flew away. Parilouale sighed as she realized she never got the woman’s name.

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