Friday, November 28, 2014

Novemeber 28th 2014 Transmission

Jil had a purple strut in each hand. She stroked both of them as she aimed them at her face. Her mouth opened and licked the tip of the purple strut on the left and felt it throb in her hand. She licked the tip of the strut on the right and it throbbed too.

The owner of the struts groaned. He was a purple humanoid with mutifacted bug-like eyes. Other than that, he seemed human, well except for the two struts of course. She had never met an alien with two sex organs before. She wondered if he had a favorite.

A breeze blew through her short black hair. Jil closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. The garden room of the orgy was becoming her favorite place. It felt good to feel soil on her knees. The light in her almost felt like real sunlight. It was awakening her to sensations all over her body.

The purple man groaned. He reached for Jil’s head and pulled her gently to his struts.

Jil opened her mouth and took his left strut into her mouth. He was thick and warm in her mouth. He tasted like smoked beef. Jil licked and sucked a little bit harder than she might have normally as he was very delicious.

The purple man shivered and Jil heard the tree leaves rattle. His other strut throbbed in her hand and she stroked it faster. She sucked harder on the strut in her mouth as it pushed deeper into her throat.

A light mist fell from the ceiling of the garden. Jil moaned as the chilly mist landed on her bare back and ass.

“The other one,” the purple man groaned.

Jil took his strut out of her mouth. It was soaked in her spit. She turned to the other strut and let it slip down her throat. He groaned as her lips sealed around the base of his strut.

The purple man groaned and his hips bucked. Jil choked on his strut while the other one slapped her face. She wondered if they would climax on their own or together.

There was only one way to find out. She grabbed the other strut tightly with her fingers. Back and forth her head bobbed in time with her hand. She stroked and sucked with the same rhythm and speed. 

“Lords of Space,” the purple man groaned.

Her heavy breasts bounced off the purple man’s knees. The tree leaves shook as she sucked and stroked faster and faster. Her knees dug into the dirt as she worked.

The purple man groaned. Both of his hands went to her head. He grabbed her short hair as she sucked him.

Jil felt a splash on her cheek. A second later, smoky seed landed on her tongue and filled her mouth. She kept stroking and sucking as both struts emptied onto her face and down her throat.

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