Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29th 2014 Transmission

A tree shook loudly in the garden room. Koz listened as the leaves rattled. A loud groan came from that direction. Someone was having fun.

Koz plucked a Ginni fruit from the tree. His pale fingers wrapped around the phallus shape of the fruit and he squeezed lightly. A vibration pulsed through the fruit.

“What is that?” Hazizi asked. The brown woman was sitting in the grass, enjoying the simulated sunlight.

Koz sat down beside her. The grass felt strange on his naked ass. The garden room took some getting used to.

“This is a Ginni spear,” he said. “The fruit has an interesting defense mechanism. In fact, I am pretty sure it is the reason it has been planted in the garden of a pleasure station.”

“Oh, and mechanism is that?” Hazizi asked. She leaned against him and her heavy breast pressed against his arm.

“Open your thighs,” he said. “And I’ll show you.”

Hazizi giggled and laid back on the grass. Long brown legs spread on the grass to reveal the bush of her pubic hair. She tucked her arm under her head and waited.

Koz placed the tip of the fruit against her vussy lips. He teased her lips briefly with the blunt end of the fruit. He pressed the tip against the opening of her vussy lips.

“Feels pretty normal to me,” Hazizi said.

Koz said nothing. He squeezed the fruit and it vibrated in response.

“Oh!” Hazizi cried. Her back arched and her hips lifted.

Koz pushed the fruit inside her. It was a snug fit. Her vussy clenched around the fruit resulting in more vibrations.

“Fuck!” Hazizi moaned. “How?”

“It is a biochemical reaction to being squeezed,” Koz said. “Cells containing trigger sugars get broken and they react with the-, you know I could explain it all but if you aren’t a biotech like me you probably will get bored.”

“Fuck this feels good!” Hazizi moaned. “Go harder,”

Koz did as she asked. He plunged the Ginni fruit deeper inside her dark vussy. She took the entire length of the fruit and it was soon coated in her juices. The vibrations grew stronger the rougher he fucked her.

“Oh shit!” Hazizi moaned. She grabbed his arm and her fingers dug into his skin. Her hips moved as she humped the fruit inside her.

Koz didn’t mind. He leaned down and took one of her black nipples into his mouth. He sucked on the nipple while he continued to fruit-fuck her.

“Tear my vussy up,” Hazizi moaned. “That is why I came to the orgy. Use me up!”

Koz slammed the Ginni fruit inside her. He fucked her as fast as his hand could move. The fruit slid easily in and out of her slick vussy. Meanwhile, his teeth bit down on her plump breast. He bit her to his heart’s content as the fruit’s powerful vibrations overwhelmed her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Hazizi cried. Her entire body arched as she climaxed. The Ginni fruit was crushed by the force of her orgasm and the pulpy inside exploded onto Koz’s hand.

Koz laughed and Haziziz joined him. A light mist fell on them as the giggled in the grass.

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