Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30th 2014 Transmission

Qim kissed the lizard woman. The lizard woman’s tongue was long and so much more agile than Qim’s. Their tongues danced around each other as Qim tried to chase the lizard woman’s tongue with her own.

Laughter drifted from elsewhere in the garden room. It sounded like two lovers enjoying themselves. A light mist fell on Qim and the lizard woman as they broke their kiss.

“Your name?” the lizard woman asked.

“Qim,” she responded. “And your’s?”

“Masanda,” the lizard woman responded.

The lizard woman placed a green scaled hand on Qim’s pale breast. Sharp nails gently played with Qim’s hard nipple. Masanda tilted her head and her long tongue flicked over Qim’s nipple. Licks as light as a feather made Qim shiver all over.

Qim placed her own hand on Masanda’s breast. It was scaled as well but there was a nipple. Why did a lizard woman have breasts? Qim had no idea. She was a solar collector technician, not a biotech. She also didn’t care. The scales were hard but the breast underneath was plump and wonderful to squeeze.

The two groped each other in the grass. Above them, simulated sunlight warmed their bodies. A breeze blew over their bodies and brought the scent of flowers and sweating bodies.

Qim reached between the lizard woman’s legs. It appeared to be smooth but her fingers found a concealed slit. Masanda moaned and her hips rose to greet her hand. Qim knew she had the right place.

A finger slipped in. It was wet and warm tight like a human’s but it was so small. Her finger filled the entire space inside Masanda and Qim wondered about the organs of lizard men males. 

“So big,” Masanda moaned and Qim suppressed a giggle. Her finger must feel like the biggest strut imaginable inside the lizard woman.

Masanda reached between Qim’s thighs. Clawed fingers pushed past the short fur of Qim’s vussy and reached inside. Masanda’s yellow eyes widened in surprise as she felt how spacious it was. A second finger joined the first followed soon by a third.

“Amazing,” Masanda moaned.

“Yes,” Qim moaned back.

The two stroked each other. Qim’s slender finger fucked the tiny tight vussy of the lizard woman. Masanda’s three clawed fingers fucked the wet hot vussy of the human.

“So warm,” Masanda whispered into Qim’s ear. Her tongue flicked out and licked Qim’s earlobe.

“So tight,” Qim whispered back. She nipped the scaled neck of the lizard woman with her teeth.”

Their bodies clung to each other. Qim’s soft legs rubbed against Masanda’s scaled hardness. Masanda’s scaled breasts pressed against Qim’s hard nipples. Qim’s black hair fell against Masanda’s bare head.

Their fingers kept stroking. Their vussies kept clenching. Juices flowed from both of their sexes.

The orgasms they shared were nearly identical.

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