Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st 2014 Transmission

Jack Warp was depressed. He appreciated the irony of that since he was in the middle of an orgy. It made him smile but it didn’t stop him from being depressed.

It was a hard life being a contracted freighter crewman. He had no choice on where they went, he was paid low wages and the only thing he could call his own were the aches and pains of his body. His back hurt, his hands were callused and he couldn’t remember the last time he felt true gravity. His life sucked and he still had seven years to go before he was released from service.

Jack had come to the orgy mostly because it was free. He also thought endless sex would cheer him up. If anything, it just reminded him of how other people lived so much better than him.

A man cried out his orgasm and released his payload onto the faces of three smiling women. Jack shook his head. The man was handsome and didn’t have plasma burn scars on his chest. Of course he had three women waiting to take a facial.

The last five women Jack had approached had declined. They would see his freighter collar along with his many scars and they would recoil. Oh, they were polite when they turned him down but he saw their disgust. It was their right but Jack still smarted at the rejection. Maybe this orgy wasn’t for people like him.

Someone pinched his ass. Jack jumped and turned around. When he saw what it was, it was his turn to recoil.

It was a Clownian. She had dead white skin over most of her body except for her nipples which were bright yellow with smiley faces. Her cheeks were bright pink circles and her lips were as red as blood as they curled into a smile. Curly orange hair was tied into two long pigtails. Her pubic hair was the same shocking orange color. Long white legs tapered down to obscenely large feet.

She waved at him. Jack didn’t know what to do. Clownians were a strange race. It was rumored that they were once humans but they colonized their own planet of Juga and began hundreds of years of genetic manipulations. Jack had heard stories of Clownians doing everything from entertaining children to massacring people at vacation worlds.

The Clownian pointed at her right nipple. She made a motion of biting her nipple and then pointed at him.

Despite the strangeness, jack felt his strut stir. She was the first woman here to invite him to do something. He felt his depression lift slightly. Now he was feeling wanted for the first time in ages.

He leaned down towards her breast. Her breast was chalk white but it was also pleasantly perky. As he opened his mouth to bite her nipple, a stream of warm soda sprayed into his mouth.

Jack stumbled back, choking on the sweet liquid. The feeling of being wanted turned into embarrassment. He should have known better.

He glared at her and tears sprang to his eyes. Fuck, he was not going to fucking cry in an blasted orgy.

The Clownian’s smile vanished. Her red lips formed an ‘O’ of shocked horror. It was her eyes that sold it, they were tearing up like his. The Clownian was genuinely sorry. 

Jack felt bad. It was a joke but at it didn’t seem malicious.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he said. “I guess you were just being funny. I’m just in a bad mood. That was a good trick.”

The Clownian clutched her breast in act of heartfelt remorse. She took a step forward, tripped over one of her giant feet, did a flip in the air, hit the ground on her knees and her head slammed forward into his crotch.

Jack cried out, expecting to be headbutted by the Clownian. Instead, he felt warm lips around his cock and her tongue licking his balls. He looked down to see his strut ball deep in the Clownian’s mouth.

She looked up at him and winked.

Jack laughed. It was a like a burst damn of emotion as he laughed for the first time in months.

The Clownian glowed from the laughter and kept sucking.

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