Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2nd 2014 Transmission

Bratty Happytits sucked on the human’s strut. She had all of him down her throat which was pretty easy as she had been swallowing swords, balloons and laser rifles since she was a teen. Her tongue reached out from her lips and licked the man’s balls.

The man smiled. Bratty smiled too. When she first saw this man, he was the only unhappy person in the orgy. At first she thought he was a Clownian being sad for irony’s sake but no, his skin was a sickly pink, his hair was a boring shade of brown and his feet were unnervingly small. He wasn’t a Clownian, he was just unhappy.

Well, Bratty couldn’t let someone be unhappy. No Clownian could. She had tried the old squirting-soda-from-a-nipple gag but that didn’t work so she went for the old gagging-on-a-strut gag and that put a smile on his face.

The man reached for her orange pigtails. He grabbed them and his strut slammed into the back of her throat. Bratty’s eyes expanded like balloons to three times their size.

The man look horrified. It didn’t stop him from thrusting into her mouth though. A few more face fucking thrusts later, he broke into a laugh.

Bratty grabbed his ass. She was disappointed when it didn’t honk. Human bodies were so boring!

She pulled her mouth away from his strut. He groaned with disappointment. She rose up higher on her knees and grabbed her tits. She wrapped her white breasts around his slick strut. The disappointment turned into a grin.

Bratty breast fucked the man. Her breasts made loud squeaky noises as if they were balloons. The man looked perplexed but then he laughed again.

“You are exactly what I needed,” the man said.

Bratty’s cheeks turned bright red in an exaggerated blush. Everyone needed a Clownian but it was so rare to see someone say it.

She let go of his strut with her tits and pulled him down to the ground. The man laid down among the writhing bodies on the floor. Aliens and humans fucked all around them but they did it so seriously! Bratty wanted to show this man what fun a fuck could be.

Bratty climbed on top of his body. He was covered in burn scars that made his human body slightly more interesting. She grabbed his hard strut and aimed it for her hairy vussy. She slapped it against her bush a few times and wagged her finger at her vussy as if she was disciplining it.

The man shook his head and laughed. He was sexy when he laughed.

Bratty pushed his strut into her. A slide whistle sound emitted from her vussy. She sank down onto his strut and leaned forward. His hands went to her tits automatically. He grabbed both of her smiley face nipples and squeezed.

Her tits honked. The man laughed and squeezed them one at a time. He realized the honks were at different pitches.

Bratty grinded on his strut. The man squeezed her tits and tried to play a song with the honks.

Bratty laughed. Now this is how you fuck.

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