Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd 2014 Transmission

Bang5hot plugged into the Galactic Arcadixn Network. The signature of his computer brain, robot body specifications and previous scores were all verified by network protocols. His hardware was scanned for orgasm inducing cheats, mind controlling hacks and false sensory inputs. Lastly, his phallic attachment was certified and deemed Network Acceptable.

{Welcome Bang5hot to SexBlast! Today’s Daily Reward, score a multi-orgasm count of five!}

Bang5hot went straight to play. He scanned the orgy for female life signs. He activated his Orgasm Potential Software and narrowed his search for females who were multiorgasmic. He identified sixty-eight potential targets in the immediate area.

He found a suitable female. She was human with dark green hair and a red snake tattoo that wound around her breasts. Her eyes were cybernetic black spheres. Scans indicated that she was highly capable of multiple orgasms. He approached her and got her attention.

Interaction Protocol activated. Words came from his voicebox. He had no understanding of organic innuendo. It was gibberish to him.

The female smiled and nodded. Consent had been achieved.

Bang5hot initiated foreplay. One of his large robot hands began to vibrate lightly. He placed the hand on the back of the woman’s neck and pulled her to him. His other hand went to her breast and immitted low vibrations as well. The female gasped. Response Software identified the sounds as pleasing.

{Foreplay Points! Keep going to score a Foreplay Combo!}

Bang5hot launched a Dirty Talk program. Words came from his voicebox and the human blushed. He slide his vibrating hand down her back and cupped her buttocks. His other hand began a light massage program on her breast and hardening nipple.

{Foreplay Combo at 1/3!}

Bang5hot pulled the female to his hard metal body. The female groaned as his phallic attachment pressed against her. The Dirty Talk program kept going, launching more arousing word combinations after another.

{Foreplay Combo at 2/3!}

The female grabbed his phallic attachment. She rubbed it against the hair of her vaginal area. Bang5hot released her breast and cupped her hip. The woman moaned something that his programs recognized as a sexual request.

{Foreplay Combo Complete!}

Bang5hot’s score shot up. Ancient reward programs activated deep within his Arcadixn template. His kind was designed to play games and to win them. Many were warrior robots, some were miners and others did domestic tasks. Bang5hot was good at the sex games and he was becoming a better player every day.

The female repeated her request. Bang5hot interpreted her slang as a request for penetration.

He picked her up with both hands. Still standing, he lowered her onto his phallic attachment. Servo motors corrected and moved the attachment in place as targeting software determined the best angle for copulation.

The woman screamed an expletive as he entered her. It was determined to be a pleasurable sound. His SexBlast score increased at a fast rate.

Bang5hot activated his Dirty talk program. The female responded with an increase in vaginal pressure around the phallic attachment.

Fucking protocols commenced.

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