Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4th 2014 Transmission

Duchess was being fucked by two meter tall Arcadixn. The robot’s hands held her ass perfectly as it pumped her up and down on its strut. It fucked her standing up, making her the center of attention in an orgy already filled with strange sights.

She laughed. In her business, Duchess met plenty of Arcadixns. She sold them weapons as they engaged in mercenary wars purely for the points in their personal games. She had even hired a few to kill off some of her competition in the arms dealing business. This was the first one that she had ever fucked before and she was regretting not doing it sooner.

“Your vussy is so tight,” the Arcadizn said. His voice synthesizer spoke in deep tones that made Duchess clench.

“Your strut isn’t so bad yourself, Bang5hot,” Duchess said. She knew it was his call sign because of the nameplate on his chest. Arcadizns always wanted others to know who they were competing against.

Duchess cried out as Bang5hot went faster. His strut slammed into her with the precision of an engine piston. The force of his fucking made her snake tattoo dance on her jiggling tits. Her long green hair went flying as she laughed.

Her first orgasm was coming fast. She was already horny from selling a shipment of plasma torpedoes to a busty space pirate earlier. This kind of hard fucking was just thing she needed to celebrate with.

“Prepare for position change,” Bang5hot announced.

The robot’s hands rotated Duchess on his phallic attachment. Her legs hit the ground as his hands shifted to her hips. He slammed into her from behind without ever missing a pounding thrust.

“Fuck!” Duchess cried. Her first orgasm swept through her like a laser set on wide beam.

“Yes,” Bang5hot groaned. Duchess doubted he was moaning from sexual pleasure. No doubt her orgasm had satisfied some sort of requirement in whatever game the Arcadizn was playing.

The phallic attachment began to vibrate. Duchess moaned and reached for her clitoris. She furiously stroked her clit while her tits swung beneath her.

“Fuck!” she cried again. Her second orgasm made her shiver like she had been hit with a freeze ray.

Bang5hot grabbed her hair. The robot’s unyielding hands pulled back on her hair until her back began to bend like a primitive bow weapon. The vibrating phallic instrument never stopped fucking her.

“Fuck!” Duchess screamed. Her third orgasm exploded like a plasma grenade through her body.

Bang5hot released her hair and bent over her body. Internal gyroscopes inside the robot prevented both of them from falling over. Both metal hands grabbed her swinging tits and soothing vibrations emitted from his fingers.

“Lords of Space!” Duchess cried. Her fourth orgasm made her skin tingle like a stun baton.

Bang5hot moved one of his hands down to between her legs. The vibrations from his hand increased while his pumping phallic attachment reached inhuman speeds. Duchess was being pounded and massaged beyond her limits of what she thought was possible.

“FUCK!” Duchess screamed. Her fifth orgasm robbed her of her breath like a strangler net.

Bang5hot suddenly stopped fucking her. He gently laid her on the ground. Duchess shook from the aftershocks of her orgasms. Her vussy was numb and tingling at the same time.

The Arcadizn cleaned his phallic attachment with both hands. The single red eye looked down at her shuddering body.

“Good fuck,” Bang5hot said. Then he walked away.

Duchess laughed. He must have achieved some goal in his game. Shit, at least you never have to worry about Arcadizns being clingy.

She laid on the floor of the orgy and waited for her breath to return.

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