Friday, December 5, 2014

December 5th 2014 Transmission

Ellix knelt in the orgy. It was Waterday so his arms were held behind his back by the powerful magnets embedded in his bones. His posture was straight and his strut throbbed with need.

Around him, people fucked. Two men fucked a woman’s vussy and ass at the same time. Beside them, two blue aliens did something strange with pincers. To Ellix’s left, a black woman viciously fingered a pale bald woman.

Ellix stayed where he was. All he had to do was ask and he may be allowed to join in the fucking. If he merely spoke, and someone consented, he could have all of his desires met. One word, and someone would surely wrap their lips around his hard strut and bring relief to his denied lust.

He stayed quiet.

A woman with gold hair made her way to him. The light sparkled from the metallic nature of her hair. Diamond flecks glittered in her skin. Her nipples were adorned with embedded rubies. The hair on her vussy was silver and bright.

“You belong to the Invisible Collar, don’t you?” she asked him.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ellix said.

The woman nodded. “I met some of your kind on an asteroid dig. Your people saved my life during a quake.”

“I am pleased that the Invisible Collar could be of service to you, ma’am” ellix said.

The woman squatted down in front of him. She placed a hand on his strut. A moan escaped Ellix’s tight lips.

“If I offered to jack you off, you would accept, wouldn’t you?” she asked.

“I would, ma’am,” he said.

“But you would accept not because you want it, but because it is what I want, right?” she asked.

Ellix smiled. It was nice to meet a non-Invisible Collar who understood. “Correct, ma’am.”

The woman let go of his strut and stood up. Ellix shuddered as he enjoyed his denial-gasm.

“Okay then,” the woman said. “What I want is for you to eat my vussy.”

Ellix smiled and rose on his knees with practiced grace. The jeweled woman grabbed his head and pulled him to her silver vussy. He opened his mouth and licked the sweet reward that waited for him.

The woman groaned. She ground her hips against his face. She bruised his lips with the force of her thrusts. He delighted in the pain that she was giving him.

Ellix licked hard and fast. He licked with the hunger of a man who spent the last few hours alone in an orgy. He nibbled with the joy of a servant being allowed to serve. He devoured her vussy with the thoroughness of a man who cares only for the pleasure of others.

“Great Bang!” the woman cried. She climaxed within moments. Her vussy rewarded him with a splash of fresh juices.

She released him. Ellix returned to his kneeling position and waited. Vussy juice dripped from his face and onto his hard strut.

The woman went down to one knee. She was shaking all over. She shook her head and laughed. “I know one favor I can do for you,” she said.

Ellix titlted his head but said nothing. It was wrong to ask for something in return but if she wished to reward him, that was her right.

“Hey everyone,” the jeweled woman said. “If you want your vussy eaten right, you got to try this kneeling guy here!”

The nearby black woman paused in her finger fucking of the bald woman and whispered to her. The woman getting double teamed looked at him with interest. Several other women turned in his direction. Women were approaching him from all sides.

Ellix moaned with an anticipation-gasm. “Thank you,” he whispered to the jeweled woman.

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