Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6th 2014 Transmission

Gea felt good. That might have been the best vussy eating of her life. She had paid small fortunes for vussy eatings that weren’t as good as what she just experienced.

The man who had given her that pleasure was now licking a dark woman with braids. A bald woman was waiting her turn and behind her, a slender Asian woman waited. A line was beginning to form.

Gea laughed. That was okay. She had come so hard; she didn’t want anything near her sex right now. There were other pleasures to be had. If there is one thing that being a prospector has taught her it is that there is always more treasure to be found elsewhere.

She started with what was right beside her. A brown woman was on top of a green man in a reverse astronaut position. She rode his green strut with slow methodical precision.

Gea started with the woman. She leaned in to kiss the brown woman’s plump breast. The brown woman held her tit up to be sucked. Gea licked with her ruby studded tongue and the woman moaned. She could taste the seed of a male on the woman’s breast.

The brown woman continued to ride her green man. Gea reached down with her hand and massaged the balls of the man. She felt three separate balls within his sack. Gea massaged each in turn.

The green man groaned. The brown woman moaned. They kept fucking as Gea sucked and stroked.

Gea released the woman’s nipple from her mouth. She kissed the brown breast and then moved down to the woman’s stomach. Kiss after kiss, she made her way down to the woman’s shaved vussy. Gea lingered to lick the hard nub of the woman’s clitoris.

“Space Buddha,” the brown woman groaned. Her hand went to Gea’s gold hair and pulled her tighter to her clitoris.

Gea licked harder. The ruby stud on her tongue bounced off the woman’s clitoris. The green cock slid in and out of the woman’s vussy as Gea licked.

Her mouth moved further down. Her tongue licked against the hard green strut. It was coated in the brown woman’s juices. Gea licked the strut as the vussy slid up and down it.

“Fuck!” the man cried. She felt the throb of his strut as it released inside the brown woman’s vussy. Gea kept licking as his strut pumped all that it had.

Eventually, the woman dismounted from the green man. The green man’s strut was already beginning to wilt. It was smeared in his juices and her’s. The brown woman reached for his strut and aimed it for Gea’s lips.

Gea smiled and opened her mouth. The brown woman guided the man’s strut into Gea’s lips which closed around the green member. Slowly so she could enjoy every drop, Gea sucked.

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