Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th 2014 Transmission

Vince walked through the orgy. His heart pounded with fear. Everywhere he looked were deviants, sinners and the damned. They did horrible things to each others bodies in defiance of Almight Christec and his four hundred commandments.

The sinners looked back at him. Their eyes went to the dermal screens implanted on his body at great expense to the Church. Holy Scripture scrolled down his chest, his back, both arms, his legs and even his buttocks. He walked among the filthy, bringing the holy to the unholy.

“And Almight Christec smote the planet of Ralos IV, in a hail of radioactive fire for their annual Oral Sex Competition.”

 “What the fuck are you doing here?” a man challenged him. Vince averted his eyes from the man’s exposed genitals and looked the man in the face.

“There is no law against me being here,” Vince repeated.

The man made an obscene gesture that violated Commandment two hundred and twelve.

Vince kept walking. The screens kept showing holy words on his body. If just one person in this Christec-forsaken orgy were to read these words and change their ways, then it was worth all the insults slung at Vince.

“An Lo! Almight Christec provided for the Believers of New Xaris by feeding the entire colony with a single protein bar.”

A small woman with large breasts approached him. She reached for his genitals but he sidestepped her hand. “Aww, I bet you would come hard in my mouth,” she said.

“No thank you,” Vince said, keeping his eyes averted from the bite mark on her perky little breast.

The woman frowned but she moved on. Everyone here was destined for the burning fires of the Abyss but at least they respected consent here.

He had trouble making his way through the room. The orgy was crowded today and Vince didn’t want to touch anyone. He stood still in the middle of the chaos around him, surrounded by sweating humping bodies.

A breast brushed his arm. Someone’s back pressed against his before stepping away. Something soft like hair swept over his shoulder.

It was having an effect on his genitals. He grew harder and urgency swelled his organ. The church had warned him this would happen and despite their assurance that Almight Christec would not blame him, Vince felt terrible shame.

He raised an arm and sought comfort. He read the words as they scrolled across.

“The burning starship wreckage spoke to Miri and said onto her, sex between different alien species is an abomination for it violates Almight Christec’s designs.”

A man cried out beside Vince. A two headed alien woman was manipulating his genitals to spill his sacred seed onto her leg. Both heads of the woman laughed as the man moaned his pleasure.

Vince told himself it was a false pleasure but it did nothing to abate the urgency he felt in his own genitals.

It was going to be a long eight hours before his service was over today.

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