Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th 2014 Transmission

Tiri swung her hips on the dance floor of the orgy. Her heavy tanned breasts swung back and forth as well as her short blonde hair. Fijian Shake was playing and the fast music filled her body and she allowed herself to be swept along with it.

She looked at the others on the dance floor. Humans and aliens danced together or alone. Some were outright fucking on the floor. Tiri looked at them with annoyance. There were couches for fucking, the floor should be for dancing.

An alien danced his way to her. His skin was chalky white and his eyes were disturbingly small but he had moves. His long limbs bent at numerous joints and swayed with the music in ways that Tiri envied. She knew he was a male because of the rather long and curved strut that swung between his legs.

Tiri smiled. The alien smiled with no teeth. The music was too loud to talk which was one of the reasons Teri loved the dance floor. Orgies were for fucking, not conversation.

The alien looked past her shoulder. Tiri glanced behind her to see another chalky white alien behind her. He was of the same race but he had hair growing on the sides of his arms. His strut was just as long and curvy.

DJ Nebula-Scream changed the music. Fijian Shake slowly changed into Kiss of the Nebula. The slower tempo of the song was a welcome relief after the chaos of Fijian Shake.

The aliens pressed closer to Tiri. They moved in time with her, duplicating her movements with ease. She welcomed their presence. They were ugly looking but damn, they could dance.

Tiri reached for the strut in front of her. It was warm and sweaty in her hand. She stroked it in time with the music and the alien’s hips matched her perfectly.

She reached behind her and felt the other alien’s strut. It pulsed in her hand in time with the music.

The aliens reached out to her. The one in front of her reached for her sex. His slender fingers rubbed up and down the hairless slits of her vussy. The other hand went to her large breast. The fingers wrapped around her tit and squeezed with tender curiosity.

The alien reached for her too. His hand went to her ass as long fingers cupped her buttock. She felt his thumb press gently against her anus. His other arm wrapped around her waist and groped her other breast.

Tiri laughed. Aliens of every species loved big breasts.

Together the three of them danced. They moved as a single unit as the slow song played. She kept stroking their struts, pausing sometimes to lick her hand to keep them slick. Their struts curved in different directions as she stroked and she wondered if the were literally dancing in her hand.

The aliens kept stroking her as well. The alien in front of her stroked her vussy lips in time with the music. The alien behind her had entered her ass with his slender finger. She was being double penetrated on the dance floor and it felt fantastic.

Kiss of the Nebula faded away and was replaced with the Shame Function. The powerful drum beat of the song resonated throughout Tiri’s body. She stroked faster, and the aliens stroked her faster as well. They were a dance team linked to each other through rhythm and sex organs.

She couldn’t wait to see who came first.

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