Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9th 2014 Transmission

Deph plunged into the human woman’s vussy. His strut expanded inside her. She cried out but her cries were drowned out by the powerful beat of the Shame Function.

The human woman gripped the arm of the couch she was bent over. Her pale white skin glowed under the flashing lights of the dance room. She tried to push back against him in time with the music but she didn’t have Deph’s superior rhythm. He pressed down on her body to stop her movement. She readily acquiesced, happy to be on the receiving end of his thrusting strut.

Deph smiled. Human women loved alien struts.

He fucked her. The music guided his motions. His feathers rippled along his back with the music. The feather crest on his head extended to its full height as he chirped along with the music.

There were people still dancing on the dance floor. A human woman with gorgeous tanned breasts danced between two Yixes. She stroked their struts while the Yixes fingered her. The three moved as one.

Deph admired their dancing skills but he as at a loss as to why they were still dancing. Music was for fucking, not dancing. He would never understand other species.

DJ Nebula-Scream switched songs abruptly. The Shame Function vanished and the piercing scream of Grend Bang took it’s place. Deph’s talons pierced the soft flesh of the human female but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she clenched tightly around his strut with her wet vussy.

“Fuck me!” she called out.

Deph slammed into her. The music was a screaming crescendo of action and so was Deph. His body translated the music into passionate grinding and desperate thrusts. He grabbed the woman’s red hair and pulled it harshly. She cried out as he pounded her vussy with the fury of the song.

The moaning woman felt good around his strut but Deph couldn’t help look around. He had to know that he was the best fuck dancer. Millions of years of racial mating habits wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the couch next to them, a dark human male fucked the mouth of another male. Their physiques were perfect but the thrusts were sloppy and slow.

On the dance floor in front of them, an Ultrion female wrapped her triple jointed body around a human male that was fucking her on the floor. Their rhythm was good but inconsistent.

Past them, the trio of the human woman and the two Yixes were nearing climax. Their dancing was superb but the fact that they only masturbated each other instead of fucking was perplexing.

Behind Deph was even worse. A purple Zaxxo female was bent over a couch getting spanked by a human male. The human’s swings were works of art but they weren’t even fucking!

Deph groaned. He was the best dancer around. He was the best fucker. His supremacy was assured. His feathers rippled in vain glory.

He cawed his climax as his strut released a torrent of seed inside the human woman’s vussy.

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