Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10th 2014 Transmission

Itrica gripped the back of the couch. Her ass burned. She had allowed seven men to spank her ass today and now she was being spanked by the eighth. Of those seven men, three had ejaculated into her mouth, three had come on her ass and one choose to spill his seed into her vussy. She wondered what this man would choose.

The man grabbed her hair. He pulled too hard on her scalp and delicious pain burned. His bare hand impacted with her purple ass, turning it a deep blue with every punishing spank.

Itrica closed her eyes. Grend Bang was playing on the speakers. It was a violent song about a violent race. She had always wanted to submit to a Grend but few were rarely civil enough to attend the orgy. She thought about the cruel aliens as the human punished her buttocks.

A loud cry popped her eyes open. A feathered Crin was in front of her, fucking a pale human with grace and passion. Feathers rippled up and down the Crin’s spine as he fucked. It was a creature of beauty.

Itrica was a creature of pain. The human was blistering her tender ass with the force of his blows. His grip on her hair twisted and her scalp protested. A powerful spank missed her ass altogether and struck the top of her thigh. A sting of pain made he her between clenched teeth.

She climaxed. Pleasure exploded from her vussy and through her body. All of the pain metamorphosed into bliss for a wonderful two and a half seconds before vanishing altogether and turning back into pain.

The man paused in his spanking. Itrica felt a flash disappointment until she felt his fingers grab her ass. She screamed. She was too sore, too sensitive and too tender to grab like this. She screamed so loud that it was louder than even Grend Bang. It didn’t stop people from dancing and fucking though.

Itrica came again. The grabbing hand set off another orgasm that swept through her. The accumulated abuse in her ass turned into pleasure and she drifted on a cloud of delight for two and half seconds because crashing back into her abused body.

“More,” she whispered.

She didn’t know if the human heard her but he went back to work. He reached around and grabbed one of her plump purple breasts. His other hand went back to slapping her ass. They were fast strikes, leaving behind stinging slaps all over her round buttocks.

The music changed. DJ Nebula-Scream played an old classic. Confluence of Astronomy surrounded the dance room. Haunting melodies intertwined and slowed the tempo dance to that of a slow fuck.

The human stopped slapping her ass. He considered his side of the bargain complete. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back. She felt the tip of his strut push against her anus. Itrica cried out as she realized the aroused human wasn’t bothering to even use to spit for lube.

He pushed into her. Itrica’s tender ass was split apart by his hot strut. He pushed inside her and the pain was intense. She felt all of her senses shrink down to her tight violated ass.

Itrica climaxed again and again until the human came inside her.

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