Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11th 2014 Transmission

Lunis groaned as the human woman took his pink strut into her mouth. He saw her cheeks cave in as she sucked with all of her might. Her thick tongue pressed hard against his slender strut and he throbbed between her lips.

A moment of pure pleasure came over him. He sighed and leaned back in the chair. He ran his hand over the woman’s long green hair and enjoyed her mouth.

The woman looked up at him with curious green eyes.  She was impatient for him to uphold his end of the bargain.

Lunis pushed with his mind. The woman groaned with his strut in her mouth as telekinetic force expanded within her vussy. He formed a phallus within her, perfectly conforming to the contours of her vussy.  When it was ready, he pushed it in and out in a pantomime of fucking. She would never again experience such a perfect fit.

The woman shuddered. She licked harder.  Drool escaped her lips and dripped down his balls.

Lunis expanded his thoughts. A second much smaller phallus formed in her anus.  Grasping hands of pure mental force grabbed both of her plump breasts.  Bands wrapped around her thighs and pulled her legs apart. Force grabbed her hips and lifted her back half into the air.

The woman’s eyes were wide now with amazement.  She grabbed his hips with her hands to hold onto him.  Her head moved faster as she sucked him.

Lunis groaned.  It felt wonderful. The force inside her phallus changed texture to become more ridged.  He fucked her faster, pushing deep inside her wet sex.

The woman added a twist to her head movements.  Her lips twisted around his strut while her tongue danced over his tip.

His concentration faltered.  The forces grasping her tits dissipated.  The force in her vussy lost the individual ridges he had given them.  Her ass lowered and her feet touched the ground again.

The woman looked up at him with mischief in her green eyes.

Lunis smiled. Two could play at this game.

He picked her ass back up off the ground.  Telekinetic vises formed around both of her nipples.  The phalluses in her ass and vussy vibrated with metal force. Pseudo hands grabbed both buttocks and squeezed.    

The woman groaned.  Her head motions stopped.  She gasped and his strut fell from between her lips. 

Now it has his turn to look down at her. Lunis raised one eyebrow questionably.

The woman blushed and pulled his strut back into her mouth.  She sucked harder than before, taking care to lick every centimeter of his slender pink strut.

Lunis and the woman shuddered together. They worked harder to break the other’s concentration.

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