Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12th 2014 Transmission

Agent Ang-za of the Overlord Security Force pressed her hand against the wall. She felt the vibrations of a body slamming into it from the other side. Her eyes closed and she imagined the scene on the other side. A person had their back to the wall and they were being fucked hard. Ang-za’s vussy clenched in jealousy.

“See anything?” a sultry voice said over her commlink.

“Not yet, Kondy,” Ang-za said. “Just wishing your pretty face was between my legs right now.”

“Stop it, you’re making make me blush,” Kondy replied. “The guys in the control room are looking at me.”

Ang-za smiled and continued walking through the maintenance corridor. “They should look at you, you’re a hot piece of vussy. Your tits are better than most holograms. I could spank your ass all night long. Your pretty red eyes look best when they are looking up from between my legs.”

Kondy hissed. Whispering she said, “You know they monitor these transmissions.”

“Good,” Ang-za said. “I want them to know that I am fucking you. I want the whole station to know who makes you scream in the middle of the night.”

“Great Bang,” Kondy whispered.

Ang-za peered through a maintenance window. On the other side of the wall, the longest going orgy in station history continued. She saw a woman floating while sucking on a man’s strut. At first she thought there was a malfunction with the gravity but an invisible force squeezed her ass. It was just telekinesis.

“Is Intelligence sure about their information?” Ang-za asked. I’ve checked almost all of these corridors and I haven’t seen any sign of sabotage.”

“Intelligence believes very strongly about this,” Kondy said. “Some of the Brothels on B-Deck believe they are losing money to the free orgy and it is past time for them to do something about. Also, Psy-Security has having terrible premonitions about a massacre. This seems to be most likely location.”

Ang-za sighed. “Whatever. I’ll finish my survey and then I’m heading straight to your quarters. I’m going to strip, shower, and masturbate using your pillow.”

Kondy whimpered over the commlink.

“And I’m going to ride your pillow,” Ang-za continued. “I’m going to smear my vussy juices all over where you lay your head to rest. I am going to come and come until you get off your shift. Then you are going to eat my exhausted vussy until you make me come again. I don’t care if it takes the rest of the night cycle, you are making me come.”

Kondy gasped.

Ang-za smiled and reached for the last door in the service corridor. She turned the hatch handle and opened the door.

A thousand slithering bodies squirmed in the corridor. A rainbow of colors was wrapped around heating pipes, lubrication lines and air vents. The hissing was deafening and the smell of reptiles was overpowering.

Ang-za slammed the door shut. She recoiled from the door and stumbled back against a wall. The wall vibrated with the force of a dozen bodies fucking up against it.

“Agent Ang-za, report!” Kondy snapped. “Her bio-vitals are spiking! Are you okay?”

“I found the threat,” Ang-za reported. “Snakes, a shitload of snakes. I saw at least seven different poisonous species! How the fuck did they smuggle them all here? If they get to the orgy, it will be a worse massacre than when the Squix attacked!”

“Already on it,” Kondy said. The gasping meek voice was gone; replaced by the stern efficiency that Ang-za knew so well. “I’ve shunted Section 98 into space. The vacuum will rip those bastards out. I’ll send Security Drones to search for survivors.”

“Great Bang,” Ang-za whispered. “Snakes on a space station. What will these assholes think of next?”


  1. That last line had me in fits. You planned it that way, right?

    xx Dee

  2. I was brainstorming threats to the orgy and most of my ideas were too dramatic. Once I thought of snakes, it was too good to pass up.