Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13th 2014 Transmission

Big Suz leaned against the wall. It had been awhile since she had been in gravity and she appreciated the support. The gravity felt weird on her large breasts and it felt stranger not to see them floating.

She scratched her thick brown pubic bush and looked out at the crowd of fucking people. Their bodies seemed terribly fragile. They seemed to share the same impression. No one had approached her yet.

“This was a bad idea,” she said. Big Suz was an orvox wrangler. She herded lumbering starbound beasts the size of small shuttles. It was a dangerous job; one that required sometimes punching an orvox in the vacuum of space or twisting the neck of a cattle thief. Her body was a hard mass of muscles, short brown hair and thighs that could tame on orvox.

It was also a damn lonely job. Big Suz had spent six months guiding a herd from one planet’s orbit to another. She had broken all of her sex toys and she was damn tired of her fingers. She knew she should go to the brothels but she wanted to spend her money on a new orvox prod. That was why she was here at the orgy.

“Fuck it,” Big Suzy said. “I can always get myself off.”

“That would be a tragedy, milady,” a voice said.

It came from her right. Big Suz looked down on a small man. He barely came up to her tits. He had long black hair that looked nicer than Big suz’s hair ever did. His face wasn’t bad if a bit delicate.

“I think I might break you,” Big Suz said.

The man shrugged. “You can try, milady” he said.

Big Suz smiled. She liked this little man.

She grabbed him by the shoulders and picked him up for a kiss. His lips were soft but his tongue put up a good fight. He grabbed her back, pulling his small body hard against her large breasts.

Big Suz mauled his mouth. She liked kissing. Her hand went to his ass and squeezed. Most men complained when her large hand crushed their ass but this man merely moaned. His strut pressed hard against her body.

His hand went to her brown ponytail. He pulled and to Big Suz’s surprise, he actually pulled her head back. Their kiss broke and Big Suz wondered what exactly she had in her arms.

“We can kiss more after I sate you, milady,” the man said.

Big Suz laughed. She dropped the man. “You can try, little man,” she said.

The little man smiled. He grabbed her by the waist and did a subtle twist. Big Suz cried out as gravity betrayed her and her body flipped onto the floor. She bounced off the soft matting of the floor but the wind was knocked from her.

The little man fell onto op of her body. Instead of his strut, he aimed his hand for her sex. He did a short jab and she felt his delicate hand enter her in one fluid motion.

“Lords of Space!” Big Suz cried out. His fist was inside her! Yeah, it was a small fist but it was in there! His hand filled her sex better than the orvox horn she had in her ship.

His other hand reached for her breast. It squeezed her large tit like he was claiming it. Shit, as nice as his fist was inside her, he could claim any part of her he liked!

“Fuck me, little man,” Big Suz cried.

And he did.

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