Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14th 2014 Transmission

Joran of the Choice fucked the large woman with his fist. The powerful muscles of her vussy clenched tightly around his hand. His hand pushed inside her not unlike a Plasma Jab technique. He held onto one of her plentiful tits with his other hand, employing a Vitari Claw to keep a hold of it.

“Oh fuck, little man!” the large woman said.

Joran smiled. He didn’t mind being called a little man. He was one of three living Masters of Pindali Combat. He had slain armies armed with nothing more than his fists, his feet and his chi. There was an argument to be made that he was the most lethal sentient being in the universe. Let the large woman call him whatever she wanted.

“Prepare yourself, milady,” Joran said. He bent ninety degrees at the waist and brought his head down to the large woman’s fisted sex. His lips opened and he licked her vussy lips with a thousand tongue flutters per minute.

“Christec!” the large woman cried. Her thighs clamped around him. The incredible strength of the orvox herder threatened to crush his upper body.

Joran kept licking. Chi filled his arms and chest with universal power. His tongue licked faster and his hand jabbed harder. He was too in tune with her pleasure to stop.

“Someone give me some pussy!” the woman yelled.

Joran’s licking was interrupted by his laughing. He was performing at least four different disciplines to give the woman pleasure and she was calling for what he cannot do. It was something he would meditate on later. He resumed licking.

The large woman moaned. It was a low keening sound that made Joran’s strut ache. He licked faster as his fist shifted into the spinning motion of Rotating Station technique.

The moan turned into a cry. The cry turned into a muffled groan. Joran looked up as he kept licking and fisting.

A plump brown woman had settled onto the face of the large woman. The new woman had tangled blonde hair that was wild and unkempt. She grabbed the other tit of the large woman and smiled at Joran. He acknowledged her with a short nod as he continued licking.

The large woman shuddered around Joran’s spinning fist. He felt the power of her orgasm crush his hand. He welcomed the challenge and strengthened the bones in his fist with his chi.

The brown woman grinded on the large woman’s face. It was wild hump on the woman’s face and her hair and tits flew as she grinded. She fucked the woman’s face without an ounce of grace or discipline but Joran was aroused by her enthusiastic dedication to her pleasure.

It occurred to Joran that the brown woman was his opposite. He was an instrument of skill and focus; she was a creature of abandon. Together they shared this large woman and together they were bringing her pleasure.

The large woman shook with the force of another orgasm. Her thighs once more closed around Joran as she screamed her orgasm into the wild woman’s vussy.

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