Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th 2014 Transmission

Star stood up from the big woman’s face. The woman looked at her with curiosity in her eyes and vussy juice on her face. The woman almost said something she cried out from the man fisting her instead.

Star smiled at her and walked away. Her vussy was tingling from the wonderful licking she had received. She didn’t look back at the big woman and the fragile looking man that was fisting her. She was already looking for her next distraction.

Star was a nomad. She had no home planet, no credit implants and nothing resembling a job other than staying alive. She had come to this pleasure station on board a freighter where she let the Captain fuck her ass every day cycle in exchange for passage. The freighter was leaving in a few hours and the Captain had offered her passage to another station for the same deal.

Star hadn’t decided whether to take him up on it yet.

A pale white man sat on a couch beside a red woman with glowing red hair and glowing red breasts. He was sucking on the woman’s breasts and the black hair on his head stood up as if from static electricity. His hand was buried in the woman’s vussy while his strut throbbed neglected between his legs.

Star sat on his lap. The man kept sucking as she guided his strut into her vussy. She felt a sharp shock of electricity when he entered her but it didn’t return. He throbbed inside her as she clenched around him.

The red woman groaned. Star had her back to the couple so she didn’t know what was happening. She was busy grinding on his strut. It was thin and slender but after a month of ass fucking, it was a welcome change.

Star looked out at the orgy as she rode the man’s strut. Two robots, one blue and one green, fucked each other and it sounded like two cargo containers smashing into one another. A Gillian with blue hair was actually on a chair and not in a pool somewhere but she was still sucking someone’s strut. Something purple with one eye and a lot of tentacles was fucking two women and a man at the same time.

It made her laugh. There was so much to see here! It would be a crime to leave this station after only a few hours.

On the other hand, if she stayed, she would need money for food and shelter. She might have to get a temporary job. She remembered seeing ads for a handjob place that was hiring. That wouldn’t be so bad.

Star grinded on the man’s strut with a little less enthusiasm. Jobs sucked. They tied one down. They encouraged you to buy things and then you needed to work more until you were caught in a cycle of work and buying. No, it would be better to leave and go back to space. A nomad’s life was where the real adventures were.

The strut inside her shook with powerful vibrations. Star was caught off guard but she grabbed the man’s knees and held on. Behind her she heard the man and the woman cry out and she knew something weird was happening.

Star climaxed. Her body actually shot off the man’s strut and she landed on the floor. A shower of seed landed on her brown body moments later. She flinched with surprise and then laughed as she realized it was the seed from the man she fucked.

She picked herself off the ground. The red woman was no longer glowing. The pale man had passed out. His strut flickered with red energies.

Star turned away from the couple and looked back into the orgy. Maybe she would stay after all. Getting a job was out of the question but maybe she could find someone willing to share a habitat bunk for a few days. And if not, there were always more freighter captains.

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