Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16th 2014 Transmission

Dith stood before the entrance to the dark room of the orgy. Behind him, aliens and humans engaged in friendly soft sex with one another. He had no interest in that.

He wanted the violence of the dark room. In the dark room, your presence there was consent. There were no negotiations. If you felt something you liked, you took it. If they didn’t like it, well, they could activate their panic bracelet and the Security Drones would come rescue you. 

A Security Drone came out with a human. It was a woman, covered in something green and sticky. The woman was shaking but she was also smiling. She knew what she was getting into.

Dith smiled and he ran a quick cybernetic check. His metal arms were ready to pin someone down. Infrared implants activated and expanded his vision. The girth of his strut increased three fold as it prepared to invade something tight. Fangs dropped down in his teeth, ready to bite someone.

In the corporate world, they taught Dith to be ruthless. He rose through the ranks of DataReach Unlimited by destroying the careers of others. He had applied those principles to his sex life but he tired of negotiating medical bills for his partners. He wanted a more visceral experience. The top of the fuck chain should never negotiate with the prey.  

Dith stepped into the dark room. To most creatures here, the total darkness was frightening. Dith had no fear for his implants allowed him to see everything. He saw the man groaning under the assault of a horned creature’s strut. He saw the triple breasted woman’s face being used by a robot’s phallus. He witnessed a furry woman being taken down and ravished by something more lizard than man.

Yes, this felt right. He couldn’t wait to take what he could.

He found a woman. She was had unusually long hair that was soaked in alien seed. She was crawling awkwardly towards the door out. Someone had already taken her but that mattered not to Dith. Her hips were wide and he her tits were full. He wanted her.

Dith grabbed her hair. He laughed when she cried out. He yanked her hair cruelly and dragged her from the door. She yelled something but Dith didn’t listen. If she really wanted to escape, she could use her bracelet. The way he figured it, if she wasn’t using her bracelet than she wanted to be used.

He pulled her to a corned of the room. His metal arms picked her up easily and tossed her against the wall. The wind was knocked out of her as he grabbed her throat. She croaked something as his fingers clamped down.

She was his. He thought of a hundred things to do to her. He couldn’t settle on one. His strut ached to hurt her.

Something hit the base of his spine. His arms quivered in a spasm. He watched his fingers release the female and she fell out of his grasp. She touched the wall and started to run away.

Dith reached for her but his legs were swept out from under him. He hit the ground and his enhanced vision blinked out. He was plunged into darkness.

A sharp pain struck his shoulder. He lost all feeling in his right arm.

The enhanced vision came back online. A large woman towered over him. She was a head taller than him. Long dreadlocks swept over her face. Unfamiliar ridges lined her face. He realized that the sharp pain he felt in his shoulder was a single claw from her thumb.

The alien woman looked down with him with her lust in her eyes. Terror gripped Dith’s heart. He tried to reach for his panic bracelet but it was on his left hand and he couldn’t move his right arm to touch it.

He understood then that he wasn’t at the top of the fuck chain after all.

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