Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17th 2014 Transmission

Honnah, Daughter of Quna, looked down at her spoil. Her Vulthan eyes could clearly make out his features. His arms were cybernetic and armored in metal. The scent of fear came from his sweat glands. Although he was human, his strut had been augmented until it was almost the size of a Vulthan male.

He would do.

There were screams and moans around Honnah. She ignored them. This was the dark room, where the more violent species came together to play mating games. She was surprised to see a human male here but this one must be braver than the rest. He obviously came here to be hunted.

The human punched her. His augmented muscles and armored fist crashed into her face. She was stunned and fell to the side. Her hand went to her lips and she felt blood.

Honnah purred. The spoil wanted to play.

The spoil yelled and got to his feet. An illegal laser fired from his palm. Honnah stood her ground and let the shot strike her breast. The smell of her own seared flesh made her vussy clench with excitement. He had given her a scar! The Huntress Mother was surely smiling on Honnah today!

Honnah kissed his stomach with her closed fist. She caressed his chest with a sharp claw and released his blood to the ground. She hugged his metal hand with both hands until his fingers were a crushed mess.

The human screamed. He brought his weakness bracelet to his teeth but Honnah grabbed it. No, her spoil would not give in cowardice today.

She threw him back onto the ground. That was enough foreplay.

Honnah fell on top of his body. Her sharp claws grabbed his throbbing strut. She guided it to her vussy and sat upon it. Her vussy muscles clenched down and formed an inescapable trap. She would not release him until she had been satisfied.

The spoil cried out again. He tried to push her off but she swatted away his weak attacks. She grabbed her tit with one hand and she grabbed his throat with the other. Honnah gave him the gift of her claws piercing his soft flesh.

She rode him. Her hips moved in the ancient claiming dances of her people. Her powerful vussy muscles pulverized his hard flesh as she sought her satisfaction.

Honnah thought back on her ancestors. Strange to think that thousands of years ago, Vulthan Huntresses would visit and hunt primitive worlds like Earth or Dhule for spoils. Now humans and other races come out to the stars looking to be taken. Honnah was grateful that progress had eliminated the need to go hunting on shitty little backwaters.

The strut madness came upon her. She stopped thinking about her ancient mothers. For that matter, she stopped thinking about pretty much anything. The strut inside her became her sole focus.

Honnah humped her spoil. It struggled and she squeezed its neck tighter. It pounded on her breasts and she humped faster. It wiggled beneath her but her powerful body kept him pinned.

She let out a howl of pleasure to signal her claiming of her bliss.

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