Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18th 2014 Transmission

Faniel licked the red alien’s nipple. It secreted something sweet. He kept licking.

{Species Idenitifed as Ronaz. Calculating Sexual Strategy.}

Faniel kept licking. The FuckSensai 200 was a big improvement over the 100 series but they really needed to improve the calculation time.

The Ronaz female giggled. Faniel wasn’t sure if the giggling was a good sign or a bad one. He decided to keep licking until his cybernetic upgrade told him differently.

{Erogenous zones have been mapped. Apply manual manipulation to female’s posterior.}

Manual manipulation? Oh, hands. Faniel reached under the woman and grabbed her ass. The giggling stopped and turned into a moan.

{Squeeze, squeeze, hard squeeze, rub in a clockwise motion.}

Faniel followed the instructions broadcasted directly into his brain. The Ronaz woman had a plump ass and it was a pleasure to follow the directions.

She liked it too. She pulled him tighter to her red breasts. Her hips grinded against him. He felt the heat from her vussy so close to his strut.

“Buckley me,” she moaned.

What in the Great Bang did that mean? Faniel groaned as if he loved the idea while his FuckSensai 200 looked it up.

{Calculating . . .}

Faniel moaned some more as his hands kept squeezing her ass.

“Buckley me, you sexy human,” she moaned.

{Buckley, definition: Oral stimulation of buttocks. Includes, licking, biting and spitting.}

“Oh, I can do that,” Faniel thought. He rose from the woman’s body and she quickly turned over. Her round red ass clenched and unclenched in front of him in invitation.

Faniel started with spitting. It felt weird but he trusted the FuckSensai 200. His lips didn’t quite cooperate and it came out as a large spray onto her ass. Faniel froze in horror at what he had done.

“Lords of Space!” the woman cried out. Her ass quivered with excitement.

Faniel didn’t question it. He dived in and tried something simpler like biting. His teeth clamped down on her soft flesh. He did wonder how hard to bite down.

{Buckley biting has no upper limit. Ronaz posteriors can withstand pressures far in excess of human capabilities. Footnote – This attribute makes Ronaz asses very popular among sadomasochistic cultures. Ronaz spanking videos are the second best selling sexual holoprogram among-}

Faniel stopped the footnote report. One bug he had found with the FuckSensai 200 was that once it got started reporting trivia, it never stopped. Faniel once listened to it ramble for an hour on all of the different ways tits were worshipped by alien races.

The red woman moaned as Faniel bit her. She shivered and squirmed as he bit every centimeter of her plump ass. He remembered to lick as well; letting his tongue leave long trails of his spit on her ass.

“Fuck!” the woman cried. The ass in his mouth shook violently. Did she just climax?

{A Ronaz has twelve hundred erogenous spots in their posteriors, making them capable of orgasms through posterior stimulation alone}

Faniel smiled and bit her ass harder.

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