Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19th 2014 Transmission

Morin AlloyHammer picked himself off the human female he had been fucking. The woman groaned as his hard pick left her slick vussy. She could barely move and would have trouble walking for a week. He thanked her for the use of her body and she could only groan in response.

He shook his head. Human women always thought they could take a Wuat fucking but the truth of the matter was, they weren’t built for it. Wuats came from heavy gravity worlds, and they were a hard working race that loved to mine. The gravity had compressed their bodies down to just a meter tall and their lifestyle had turned those short bodies into hardened masses of muscle. Wuats were tough, hardy and could fuck or fight for hours. No one outlasted a Wuat.

He stroked his goatee and took a look around the orgy. His pick was still hard and ready to probe new holes. Most of the aliens he saw were too thin for his tastes. He liked a woman with a bit of mass to her. He liked to have something to hold onto while he pounded with his hips.

Something skittered on the orgy wall. It had eight legs, each a meter long. The legs fed into a body that supported an alien torso. It was a distinctly feminine torso with purple breasts the size of Morin’s head. Red hair spilled from the alien female’s head, the same red color as several poisonous species back home.

Morin’s pick throbbed. She looked sexy. She also looked dangerous. That combination was a powerful aphrodisiac to Wuats.

The spider woman skittered along the orgy wall. Several beings recoiled from it. Morin walked right towards it. He used a traditional romantic proposition common to his simple people.

“Hey, I would like to fuck you!” he yelled to it.

The spider woman looked down at him. He saw that she had over a dozen silver eyes under her red hair. He also saw that she was smiling.

“I accept your courtship,” the spider woman said.

Her hind legs pulled out a white thread from the back of her body. Morin watched as the spider woman quickly wound large mass of thread. As he about to ask what it was for, the woman threw it at him!

“Grandmother’s ax!” he swore. The thread expanded into a net and covered him from head to toe. He was yanked from his feet and the spider woman attached the end to the ceiling. He dangled from this net as the spider woman smiled at him.

“I’m not a damn bug!” he yelled.

The spider woman smiled. “But I will eat you anyway.”

Morin tried to escape but dangling in a net made that damn hard. The fibers were sticky and strong as Wuat steel. If he had a tool, maybe he could get out but his bare hands weren’t going to cut it.

He looked to see if anyone would help him but most of them was ignoring him. Maybe they just didn’t like to look at a giant spider alien while fucking.

Where the hell were the damn Security Drones? Weren’t they supposed to stop fatal things like this?

The spider woman lunged for him. She opened her mouth and he saw longs rows of teeth. Muat clenched his eyes shut and kept from screaming. He would die with dignity befitting a Wuat.

Something warm and wet wrapped around his pick. He opened his eyes to see it was the spider woman. All of her silver eyes were closed as she sucked on his pick.

“Oh,” Morin said. “Ohhh,” he moaned as her tongue went to work.

“This is alright then,” he said.

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