Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20th 2014 Transmission

Eboth sucked on the small creature’s strut. His body was half her size but his organ was thick and warm in her mouth. She tasted the after juices of another female on his flesh. The extra flavor made the hairs on her eight legs tingle.

The creature moaned. He also stopped struggling in her web. They always stopped struggling once she used her mouth. In Eboth’s experience, every male creature in the universe turned docile as soon as you put them in your mouth.

The strut throbbed in her mouth. Pleasure rippled down Eboth’s throat, down her chest, into her abdomen and down each of her legs. Bliss flooded her blood stream.

She didn’t know how other races did it. If you didn’t have sexual organs in your mouth, why would you ever allow another being’s part in your mouth? It was baffling.

Eboth sucked harder on the strut. His strut pulsed and felt every pulse on her sensitive tongue. She licked him as her body shuddered with pleasure.

“I wish I could grab your tit,” the small man said. He tried to reach through the web but it was impossible. He was stuck and he would stay there until she sprayed the solvent on him.

Eboth grabbed her own breast. To be touched while sucking was unthinkable. His hands would pull too hard, they would squeeze too roughly and they wouldn’t know how to please her. She did not want or require this touches. All she needed from him was already in her mouth.

She softly touched her nipple. Her fingernails tapped a soft dance on her breast. She felt her nipple harden as the man creature tried to thrust into her mouth.

Eboth groaned. Her feet held tighter to the wall that she was on. The man creature kept struggling. Unable to touch her, he was now thrusting into her mouth in an effort to assert himself. She admired her stubbornness. If he was a male of her species, she would bite his strut off flirtatiously but she learned the hard way that other species don’t like that.

“Fuck, I am going to frack in your mouth,” the man creature said.

Eboth sucked harder. She looked up at him with all sixteen of her eyes. Her tongue flicked the head of his strut, coaxing him to come.

“Fuck!” the man creature yelled and there was a rush of salty seed in her mouth.

Eboth kept licking. She kept licking as the strut kept ejaculating. Load after load went into her mouth and her cheeks bulged to hold it all.

“Enough, enough,” the man creature moaned and she released him. His strut, once hard and so proud was now rapidly wilting.

It was Eboth’s turn to come. She reached into her mouth with both hands and pulled out his seed. Quickly she brought her hands down to a hidden slit in her abdomen. She pushed the seed inside of her.

Pleasure exploded through her body. It didn’t matter that the man creature’s seed would never bond with her genetics. All that mattered was that the seed of something was inside her and her body responded as nature intended.

Eboth climaxed and she sang her pleasure from the wall.

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