Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21st 2014 Transmission

Zoa took a moment to admire the decorations of the orgy. It was Holiday Week on the station, that special time of the year when conflicting religions all claimed holy days for when the universe began. Stars, tiny obsidian monoliths, glowing green balls, encyclopedias and even fake blood splatters lined the walls.

Zoa’s hand went to the tattoos on her breasts. Every major religion claimed to know how the universe began, but only the Coven of Bliss, the secret religion that Zoa belonged to, knew the real answer. She hoped to one day rise high enough in the ranks to find out what that was.

Today was Progenitor Origin, that special day when the first Lords of Space created the cosmos for their own ancient alien reasons. It was a time to give gifts to members of a species not your own. Most people did this with food, books or clothes but here on Pleasure Station Sigma, most creatures preferred the gift of sex.

The orgy was less crowded than it usually was. That was because the followers of the Great Bang were observing their six days of celibacy before Massbang. That just left those who believed in the Lords of Space, the pagans and the Rationalists who don’t believe in anything except their own superiority. It made for a sparse orgy.

That was fine with Zoa. The Coven of Bliss taught that quantity and quality were equals. She spotted a pair of females kissing each other on a floating bed. It was so rare to see a bed in the orgy with only two sentients on it. 

“Happy Progenitor Origin!” Zoa said to the kissing couple.

The couple looked at her while they kept kissing. The vivid pink stripes on their dark bodies and their lack of body hair identified them as Berriks. Their species was known for fine wine, exquisite desserts and a fondness for new flavors. Zoa was eager to swap flavors with them.

The couple reached for Zoa and pulled her to the bed. They broke their kiss just long enough to put Zoa between them. The Berrick on Zoa’s right had soft lips that kissed the crook of Zoa’s neck while the Berrick on her left had a quick tongue that flicked over Zoa’s nipple.

“Praise the Progenitors!” Zoa moaned.

The Berricks moaned with her as their hands reached between Zoa’s legs. They played with her thick violet pubic hair; delighting in the unfamiliar hair. They giggled as they fondled her vussy lips.

“Yes,” Zoa moaned. “Enjoy my body like the Lords of Space would have wanted. Why else would they create so many compatible races if not to enjoy each other?”

The Berricks said nothing. Zoa dimly remembered that Berricks communicated by telepathy. Or was it scents? She couldn’t remember. The more they fondled her sex, the less she cared.

Both Berricks kissed their way down to Zoa’s vussy. Zoa ran her fingers over their bald heads as they licked at her sex. Two tongues lapped at her and shared the juices that flowed.

“Happy Progenitor Origin!” Zoa cried out as she had the first of many orgasms.

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