Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd 2014 Transmission

Iona knelt on her knees in front of a group of males of many species. It was Gift Day, the day that the Rationalist gave each other gifts to show that they didn’t need a religion based on superior beings to be nice to each other. Most Rationalists celebrated by giving condescending gifts to their religious friends and family but here on Pleasure Station Sigma, they celebrated by giving the gift of mutual orgasms.

Iona was a Semylon, a robot race that evolved from experimental art projects. Her robot chassis was made of metal and had no soft parts but her fingers stroked the male struts in her hand with tender care. She would gladly take one of them into her mouth but her lips were merely immobile decorations on her hard metal frame.

One of the males she was stroking was human, and he said something to her. Iona didn’t hear him. She had turned off her higher auditory sensors earlier that day. She loved Rationalists but on Gift Day, they tended to talk mostly about how smart they were.

She didn’t need to know what he was saying. The tension in his eyes said it all. His breathing quickened and his fists clenched. Subtle changes to the coloring in his face created a temporary new design on his face for the briefest of moments.

He climaxed. Iona aimed his ejaculate onto her metal breasts. He smiled as she did that. Most species liked it when they came on breasts, whether they were real or not.

When he was done, she moved her hand to another in the group. This time it was a Forg, with his massively large green strut and large yellow eyes. Iona’s fingers could only wrap around half his strut but her grip was firm and her wrist actuators were nimble.

It was a wonderful Gift Day. One of her coworkers at the physical therapy bay had given Iona a collection of lipstick. Iona wore a brilliant shade of red on her lips right now. Another coworker had given her a gift card for a lingerie store. Iona doubted any of the lingerie would fit around her metal body but the thought was lovely.

The best part of Gift Day was right now. Iona loved watching sentient beings have orgasms. She loved giving them even more. Every species experienced pleasure differently and every being in the same species experienced pleasure different from each other. There were an endless panorama of expressions for her to observe and she discovered new nuances with every orgasm. It was beautiful and Iona always wanted to see more.

One of beings she was stroking came. Blue seed spurted from a red strut and splattered her face. Quite a bit landed on her freshly painted red lips which made the red alien smile with pride. She watched his body and processed all of his reactions.

As soon as he was done, her hand moved to another throbbing strut. There were no end of them on Gift Day. Not many beings were rationalists and of those, male creatures far outnumbered female. Even with her metal body, lack of orifices and frozen facial expression, Iona and her distinctly female body were in high demand. Already she had stroked off twenty-one beings and seventeen were waiting their turn. She had no doubt more would join.

Today was going to be a busy but wonderful Gift Day indeed.

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