Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23rd 2014 Transmission

Noro made the sign of Almight Christec before the fake blood splatters on the wall. He wished the blood was real but there were strict rules against that in the orgy room. Still, it was nice for Festadan to even be acknowledged by whomever decorated the orgy rooms for Holiday Week. It was a surprising touch from a place where Noro had witnessed so many filthy sexual atrocities.

He closed his three eyes and said a prayer to Almight Christec. He also thought about the first song to sing. Festadan was a special time of the year where the faithful confessed their worse sins to each other and accepted judgment and punishment. Before you could be judged though, you had to go sing songs of warning to the faithless. It was a festive time for followers of Almight Christec but for most of the heathen on Pleasure Station Sigma, it was a time for fucking outside your species as usual.

Noro’s strut trembled with arousal. His green skin blushed with shame. He was a devout follower of Almight Christec but he certainly saw the appeal. Humans were his weakness. Their plump bodies, deep throats, dazzling skin colors and peculiar two eyes were an aphrodisiac to him.

He shut his eyes shut and tried to ignore the sounds of fucking around him. He needed to pick a song to sing. All Hail the Atomic Fire of Cleansing? I Saw Mother Kissing An Alien so I Disowned Her? Frosta the Frigid? Maybe something from the Book of Obliteration.

Someone touched his shoulder. His eyes popped open and he saw the woman before him. Her skin was dark brown and her hair was tied into long braids. Two plump breasts floated before him but he could only see her two deep brown eyes.

Hi, my name is Yolly. You’re about sing a song, right?” she said. “Something like Frosta the Frigid?”

“Ah, yes,” he said. “Are you here for Festadan?”

“Hell, no,” Yolly said. “My parents raised me as a Christec but I got out as soon as I was old enough. I have fucked everyone and everything. I have a soul-slave now and we’re very happy together.”

“It is not too late,” Noro said. “You can still renounce frivolous sex and rejoin Almight before he smites you in the afterlife, sister.”

Yolly smiled. Her two eyes twinkled and Noro felt sin fill his strut.

“That is very sweet of you, but I have a counter offer. Later you are going to confess your sins and receive your punishment, but how about I give you something to really confess?”

Noro swallowed hard. “I already have plenty of sins.”

“I bet,” Yolly said. “I have no doubt you have a lot of sins like dirty thoughts and masturbating to alien porn but I am talking real sins. Like maybe you fucking my mouth until I swallow everything you shoot down my throat. Or maybe the sin of feeling my big black tits against your legs as you use me. How does that sound?”

Noro took a step back. “No, no, no,” he said. “Why are you doing this? I am pure! I am true to the eighty-five rules of proper celibacy!”

Yolly stepped forward. Her plump tits were centimeters from him. Both of her eyes looked into the three of his. He felt arousal muscles tighten along his spine.

“I’m doing you a favor,” Yolly said. “I want you to sin, really sin, and then I want you to go confess like you are supposed to on Festadan. I want your pious friends and family to pass judgment on you and when they are about to punish you, I want you to ask yourself one question.”

Noro’s green skin flushed a deeper shade of green. “What question?”

Yolly reached for his strut. Noro didn’t stop her. Her warm human hand stroked the many ridges on his strut.

“Ask yourself, wasn’t it worth it?”

Yolly sank to her knees. She opened her mouth. Two eyes looked up at him.

Noro movd forward and entered her mouth. He felt her plump brown breasts press against his spiny legs. As her warm lips sealed around him and her tongue fluttered on his strut; he felt he had an answer to her question already.

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