Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24th 2014 Transmission

It was the night before Bangmass. For six solid day cycles, followers of the Great bang had observed strict celibacy. In anticipation of Bangmass, non-followers had observed similar states of celibacy depending on personal self control. Tomorrow on Bangmass, millions of beings across the universe would indulge themselves but on Pleasure Station Sigma, they would fuck their brains out.

Tonight though the orgy room was nearly empty except for a small group of persistent fuckers. There were five of them, gathered together on one of the large floating beds. The sounds of their fucking echoed through the large cavernous rooms of the orgy.

Three-Shells was at the center of the fucking and he just happened to be fucking all eight of his partners. He was a Xex, and his large purple body was mostly tentacles. He wondered if the orgy counted as still ongoing with just himself fucking everyone, but Jil, a rather open minded human assured him that as long as four beings fucked in the same area, it counted as an orgy.

The large single eye in his torso turned to looked at the beings he fucked.

First was Jil, a plump human with nice fat breasts that four of his tentacles were slapping. She squealed with delight at the slapping, or maybe she was squealing at the two tentacles thrusting in her vussy. It was hard to tell. Humans were remarkably limited in their ability to focus on more than one thing.

Beside her was a Vitari male. He was biting down on the tentacle in his mouth and Three-Shells thought it was cute. Xex tentacles were extremely durable. One tentacle was wrapped around the Vitari’s strut and was jacking him furiously. Several tentacles were wrapped around the Vitari’s hands and feet, careful to avoid the claws there. Xex tentacles were tough but Vitari claws might be sharper.

Next to him was a Sphz with a single tentacle around it. The red glowing ball pulsed every time Three-Shells tightened around it. It flashed multiple shades of red light and Three-Shells had no idea what that meant. It must have been enjoying itself because it made no move to escape.

The female Crin was certainly enjoying herself. Her feathers ruffled up and down her spine as three-Shells’ tentacles fucked her vussy and ass simultaneously. More tentacles held her arms stretched out as another tentacle ejaculated onto her face. The Crin lapped up as much seed as possible with her beak.

Xex observed them all. He wondered if they would leave after climaxing. If he exhausted them all, would he be left alone? The idea of the multiple year orgy ending with himself made his eye twitch. He did not want that singular honor.

Perhaps he should take his time fucking these beings? His tentacles quivered in amusement. It is said that it was easier to hold back a supernova than to count on a Xex to restrain themselves. No, he would fuck these four and if the orgy ended with him, that would be his historic debt to carry.

The speakers crackled to life. The three beings he fucked kept moaning and the fourth kept flashing colors. Three-Shells strained to hear what the speakers had to say. He didn’t know the orgy even had speakers.

“The time is 0:01. Happy Bangmass!”

Three-Shells let out a sigh of relief. Already he could hear the entrance doors opening. He heard the excited murmur of a hundred beings pouring into the quarters. Almost instantly he heard the squeaking of hover beds and the grunts of penetration.

The orgy would not end with him.

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