Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 25th 2014 Transmission

It was Bangmass in the orgy room. Sentient beings packed the orgy rooms from wall to wall. Beings who had never participated in the orgy before were here as well as long time regulars. The sweat and sexual juices of a thousand creatures permeated the air.

Vylie laughed as she stood in a crowd of bodies. Something green with four arms fucked her from behind. Two of the hands were held her hips while the other two hands pulled her arms back. The alien fucked her hard but she knew it wouldn’t last. He would climax quickly just like the last four males her vussy had taken today.

In front of her, a white alien with checkered spots fondled her tits. His hands had a large middle finger that was shaped like a human’s strut. The alien kept rubbing his middle fingers on her nipples and she could feel it throb.

Damn, she loved Bangmass. The six days of celibacy before hand was a bitch but it was worth it. She hadn’t been fucked so thoroughly since that time she got molested by a Xex,

The alien with four arms suddenly stopped pounding her. She felt a flood of seed enter her sex. The seed tingled a little and Vylie cried out her orgasm.

The hands let go of her and the strut left her sex. Vylie’s looks shook with pleasure. She started to fall to her knees but something grabbed her hips and lifted her back to her feet. Her legs were kicked apart and a new strut entered her from behind. It was thicker than the green alien but it also curved in a most satisfying way.

The checkered alien suddenly pushed both of his middle fingers into her mouth. Vylie didn’t question it. She started sucking right away. Her tongue went back and forth between the two throbbing fingers in her mouth.

Both of his fingers ejaculated. One tasted like sweet while the other tasted salty. Vylie swallowed them both until the fingers withered in her mouth.

The checkered alien stepped away from her and her mouth felt empty. It wasn’t empty for long. A blonde woman with large pink wings was in front of her. Vylie wondered how she moved through such a thick crowd with such large wings. The winged woman began kissing her. Their tongues shared the taste of the checkered alien’s seed.

The being fucking Vylie from behind climaxed. More seed joined the remnants of the others that had fucked her. The strut pulled out of her and once again Vylie was tempted to sit down. It was too fucking crowded for sitting but she might try anyway.

She held onto the winged woman instead. The woman’s body tingled as Vylie held onto her. Vylie ran her fingers over hard nipples that felt hot to the touch. The winged woman reached between Vylie’s thighs and into her shaved vussy.

“Great Bang!” Vylie cried out. She came as soon as the woman’s fingers entered her.

The woman kept kissing her as she stroked her. Vylie came again as the woman’s fingers slid in and out of her well used vussy. This time Vylie’s legs did give out but she didn’t fall to the ground. She floated on the winged woman’s fingers and came again.

“Great Bang!” Vylie cried. She was coming again. She broke the kiss and looked at the winged woman. She realized that what she thought was blonde hair was actually just glowing with yellow light. Small arcs of lightning danced on the woman’s skin. Her wings stretched out and pink feathers swept through the crowd of bodies as if they weren’t there.

“What are you?” Vylie asked.

The woman smiled and kissed Vylie’s nipple. A bolt of pleasure shot through Vylie’s body and she climaxed again. She screamed with pleasure and clenched her eyes shut as she rode the bliss that was firing through her body.

When she opened her eyes again, she was on her back on the ground. Someone red and well hung was fucking her. The alien grunted as he plowed into her.

Vylie wondered about the winged woman. She must have blacked out. She was lucky to have not been trampled in the orgy. For that matter, she was incredibly lucky to have ended up laying down in the orgy when space was so rare to find.

It was a Bangmass miracle.


  1. Happy Bangmass, Shon! Thank you for continuing this glorious filthy arousing story :)

    xx Dee

    1. Thank you for staying along for the ride!