Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27th 2014 Transmission

Maza floated above the orgy room. Gravity had no effect on her pale blue body. Her long blue hair floated where she willed it.

She was a Qanson and her species frustrated most scientists. They lived in the vacuum of space and derived nutrients through background radiation in the vastness of space. At least, that was the theory. The Qanson had no information to offer because they never cared enough to find out for themselves. The Qanson had no culture, no home world and no discernable society. They traveled space without spaceships and thought nothing of flying for centuries in space. They simply were and that was enough for them.

One thing all Qanson liked was sex. There were many tales of lonely space travelers finding unexpected companionship in the middle of nowhere. Their wiliness to fuck most species made the Qanson one of the most loved creatures in the galaxy.

Maza had come across Pleasure Station Sigma a few minutes ago. She didn’t bother with the airlocks and simply phased through the hull walls as if they were nothing. The first room she came across as an expansive orgy that sprawled across many rooms.

It fascinated her. So many species fucking each other! They didn’t fight or exchange that strange concept called currency. They just fucked. It was almost Qanson in its simplicity.

Maza wanted to join in but the multitude of choices overwhelmed her. Usually she fucked the stray space explorer or the small crew of a mining station. In short, she was used to fucking what was in front of her. The concept of choice was new to her. She could pick what she wanted. What did she want? She didn’t know.

Maza floated, paralyzed by choice. Because she was aroused, she reached between her legs and stroked her sex. Because it felt good, she grabbed one of her plump blue breasts and squeezed. Because she wanted to be touched, her long blue hair swept back and forth across her ass.

A man in the orgy looked up at her. He was human but most of his body was made of machines. His sex was large and filled with devices Maza didn’t understand. He waved at her and pointed at his sex.

Maza realized that she didn’t have to choose after all. She had been chosen.

She floated down to him. He smiled and the machine in his eye did mysterious things. Maza spread her legs and mounted him as he stood. He was bigger than most natural species but her body accepted him. Her long legs wrapped around him and locked her sex onto his.

“Lords of Space, a real life Qanson!” the man said. “I can’t believe I am actually meeting one.”

She was on the verge of being bored. Maza pulled his face down to one of her blue breasts. He thankfully stopped talking and sucked on her nipple instead. He grabbed her ass and began to fuck her.

Maza moaned. This was the only communication she wanted. His sex filled hers and pulsed inside her. It also vibrated and swiveled which was nice but not as nice as the fact that something was inside her. Aliens always complicated sex but as long as they kept thrusting and licking, Maza usually forgave them.

The way this human was fucking her, Maza had no doubt she would be forgiving him.


  1. Okay, I want to meet a Qanson now - that's one hell of a species :)

    xx Dee

  2. Seeing one is considered good luck. fucking one is considered awesome luck.