Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 28th 2014 Transmission

Whil fucked the blue woman in his arms. Motors in his pelvis kept him stable as he thrusted into her incredibly wet vussy. She was weightless in his arms so keeping his balance was tricky. Lucky for him, he had just updated his gyroscopes last week using leftover drone parts he found in a dumpster.

It was times like these that made scavenging for cyborg parts in his trash maintenance job worthwhile. On his salary, he might never be able afford to go to one of the nicer brothels but at least he could fuck better than most sex stars.

The woman pressed his mouth harder against her breast. He sucked on her dark blue nipple greedily. A small engine in his tongue allowed the tip of his tongue to vibrate against her nipple. The woman moaned and squirmed in his grasp so he guessed that she liked it.

He was fucking an actual Qanson! Usually only explorers found these ladies but he had one in his arms right now! He was fucking a vussy that traveled space without a ship or suit! He was grabbing the ass of a creature that had lived for thousands of years! Him, trash maintenance technician Whil Eglo!

Her vussy was wetter than anything he had ever fucked before and twice as tight. He did a quick query and his skin receptor confirmed it. Her vussy was at ninety-five lubrication on the Von Madd scale. He might never fuck a vussy this wet again!

Something brushed against his back. It was soft and felt like finest synthetic silk. He stopped sucking on the woman’s breast and lifted his head. He was surrounded by waves of light blue hair. They floated and moved on their own.

“Lords of Space,” he said in wonder. He looked in the eyes of the Qanson. Stars glittered in her eyes. She touched his lips with her fingers and he had the impression she didn’t want him to speak.

That was fine with him. He shifted his pelvic motors into third gear. His strut slammed in and out of the blue woman at three times normal speed. The woman cried out and her full blue tits bounced wildly.

Whil’s hands clamped onto the woman’s bottom. Suction cups taken from a shuttle landing gear attached themselves to secure a better grip on her ass. Arms, hips and strut moved together in perfect synchronization to maximize penetration and ensure optimal rythym.

The blue woman cried out again. Her vussy tightened around his strut. Long blue hair swirled around them as she lost control. She climaxed on his strut and then climaxed again.

Whil felt his orgasm coming. He initiated an ejaculation shutdown using an old CBT program he jury rigged. His orgasm stopped immediately and the pleasure stretched into a pleasant euphoria.

The blue woman caressed his face with her hair. Her cheeks were flushed a deeper shade of blue. She kissed him and then slowly dismounted from his strut. Whil felt a moment of worry until she turned around in mid-air. Her ass floated in front of him and she reached back to pull her buttocks apart to expose her asshole.

Whil smiled. Praise the Lords of Space he loaded up on recycled lube before coming to the orgy today.

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