Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th 2014 Transmission

Nyre watched the blue woman float in the air. Her body was in complete control as she hovered there. She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks for the cyborg behind her. The cyborg did something and his strut sprayed lubricant onto the blue woman’s ass.

“Yes,” Nyre moaned. She leaned back in the floating chair and spread her legs. She reached down and stroked her vussy with both hands. As she stroked the outside of her sex, she reached out




And fell into both the blue woman and the cyborg. She was called Maza and he was called Whil. She was old and unchanging and he was young and ever changing. They were both aroused and eager to come.

Nyre cried out as thick metal and flesh pushed into the Maza’s ass. It pushed open her tiny ass and invaded an impossibly tight space that somehow accepted it all.

Nyre shuddered as the tight ass clenched around Whil’s strut. The lubricant had helped but the tightness almost sent Whil over the edge. She felt his mind give commands to stop his climax so he could enjoy the moment.

Maza/Nyre cried out as Whil began to fuck. His hard strut vibrated softly, sending new sensations of pleasure that made Maza’s nipples tingle and Nyre’s vussy wet.

Whil/Nyre groaned as the blue woman’s ass pushed back against his fucking. The sight of her tight blue bottom penetrated by his thick strut was an aphrodisiac. Whil shuddered and bit his lip while Nyre grabbed one of her tits and pulled hard.

Nyre slipped her fingers into her sex. She timed her strokes with the vibrating thrusts in Maza’s ass. She squeezed her tit as Whil squeezed Maza’s ass with his hands.

All three of them cried out together. It was a byproduct of Nyre linking them but the other two didn’t seem to notice. While kept thrusting and Maza kept taking it.

“Need a hand?” a woman’s voice said.

Nyre looked to her left. A short woman with eyes too large for her head looked at her. Short blonde hair framed her face. Everything from her small breasts, to her small fingers were diminutive except for those massive blue eyes..

Whil pushed deep into Maza’s ass and Nyre groaned. She squirmed in her chair as she felt Whil’s massive strut threaten to split Maza/Nyre apart.

“Or would you prefer a mouth?” the small woman said.

Nyre couldn’t speak. She was shaking from the ass fucking that was tearing her apart and bringing her so close to orgasm.

She didn’t need to say anything. The blonde woman giggled and knelt between Nyre’s bronze legs. The large eyes beamed at Nyre while the small mouth opened to lick with a small tongue on Nyre’s very wet vussy.

Nyre climaxed. Across the room, Maza cried out as Nyre’s orgasm swept over her. Whil cried out last, climaxing deep inside a blue ass despite all the protocols he had in place.

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