Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30th 2014 Trasnmission

Rea took another lick of the bronze woman’s vussy. The woman squirmed and cried out as if that single lick was the most orgasmic thing that had ever happened to her. She grabbed her plump bronze tits and her dark red hair shook as she trembled.

She didn’t know what species the bronze woman was but Rea liked her sensitivity. She dived back into the woman’s vussy and kept licking.

The bronze woman’s thighs closed around Rea’s head. Rea wasn’t worried. The thighs clenched tightly around Rea’s head but Rea was a Banime, and Banimes were a lot tougher than they looked. It was why some of the universe’s greatest martial arts and most long lasting sex stars were Banimes.

Rea opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against the squirming woman’s clitoris. Rea wished she had a larger mouth so she could taste more of the woman’s vussy. The woman had a sweet taste to her juices that Rea could devour for hours.

The woman cried out another orgasm. Rea giggled. She doubted the woman could take hours of vussy eating. She must belong to a really sensitive species!

Rea reached up and grabbed the woman’s breasts with both hands. Her small hands were dwarfed by the woman’s large tits. She grabbed tiny handfuls of breasts and squeezed.

“Fuck!” the woman cried out and she came again.

Rea giggled. She felt like the best lover in the world. Maybe she should quit her job as a caterer and go into prostitution. She bet the customers would be less demanding.

She buried her face in the woman’s vussy. Her tongue flicked and licked inside the woman. She moaned and ground her face against the woman’s sex.

The woman screamed out another orgasm. Rea felt she could do no wrong. The screams of pleasure were boosting her self esteem and sending desire down to her own sex. She was tempted to stroke herself but she didn’t want to let go of the woman’s plentiful mounds.

Rea felt a hand on her head. She looked up and right into the bronze woman’s eyes. They looked at her and Rea




And suddenly there was a small mouth on Rea’s sex. It was an eager mouth devouring her with excited passion. Small hands grabbed Rea’s breasts and held on as that wonderful mouth kept going.

Rea shuddered and understood. The bronze woman was a telepath. She was feeling what she was doing to the woman. Rea felt her own mouth but she also felt how she was affecting the woman. It was a loop of sensation, feeding from Rea’s mouth to the woman’s and back to Rea’s sex.

The bronze woman grinded against Rea’s face. The woman groaned as she felt her own vussy grinding from the point of view of Rea’s face. Rea felt it as well as she experienced it.

It became hard to separate where Rea’s mind and body started and ended. Rea was being eaten. Rea was eating vussy. Rea was fucking someone’s face. Rea’s face was being fucked.

When they came, they climaxed together.

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