Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31st 2014 Transmission

Twern tasted vussy. It was psychic overflow from the nearby Cythum getting her vussy eaten out by a Banime. The Cythum was broadcasting into the Banime’s mind and creating a feedback loop of face grinding, licking and orgasms.

It was nice but Twern visualized a complex symbol to block it. He wasn’t here to eat vussy, he was here to read an old book. Long ago, a powerful man had created a library of books and he put it in the one place where he could access it from any place on Earth. It was on the Astral Main and now thousands of years later, that library still stood. Well, if you had the power and you knew how to reach it.

That was why he came here to an orgy that has been in progress for years. The residual sexual energy here was amazing. The Coven of Bliss chapter on this station guarded it jealously but Twern had managed to secure permission to tap into it. It had cost him a lot of credits and a promise of service later but it would all be worth it if he found that book.

The Coven of Bliss had leant him a woman. Yeve was one of their low level initiates, someone who thought the Coven were a sex club who knew some secrets. Her bright pink skin was attractive and her single red eye was flirtatious under her messy short black hair. Her ass was covered in the obscure tattoos of the Coven that listed her many sexual accomplishments. He didn’t know what those were and he didn’t care. All he needed from her was her obedience.

“What do we start?” Yeve asked.

“Now,” Twern said. He grabbed one of her bright pink tits and squeezed. Her breast was very pliable and squeezed out from between his dark fingers.

“Ohh,” she moaned. He was squeezing as hard as he could and Yeve winced but she didn’t resist. Perfect.

Twern began the incantation in his mind. “I call upon the Library of the one called Samuel Noon, also called Sammy Nope, also called Sam Knows. I ask to read a book.”

The power flowed through him. All around him people kept fucking but they slowed down ever so slightly as he drained the latent sexual energy around them.

Twern tasted hot dust. He smelled strawberries. The station floor beneath him felt like it was made of wood planks.

Contact had been made.

Yeve noticed it too. She started to ask something but he glared at her into silence.

He had made contact; that was all. Now he had to select which book he wanted to read using an ancient wizard’s personal selection system.

Twern held onto Yeve’s breast and turned her around. He brought his other hand down on her ass as hard as he could.

SMACK! Yeve jumped but she stayed where she was. His other hand kept painfully squeezing her pink breast.

Twern heard the shuffling of books.

SMACK! He struck her ass again. The energy flowed through him and added an electrical charge to his slap.

“Fuck!” Yeve cried but she didn’t try to escape. The Coven trained their initiates well.

SMACK! He delivered the third spank and this time Yeve climaxed. She shuddered as he held onto her tit. The sexual energy filled her body with bliss.

Twern turned her back around. His fingers went to her vussy. Two rapid circles of her clitoris followed by a single quick thrust into her sex.

Yeve groaned and came again.

Twern heard the rustling of pages. At the corner of his vision, he saw rows of shelves filled with books. Something kissed the back of his neck.

His book choice had been accepted.

Now it was time to read. He let go of Yeve’s breast and vussy and grabbed her short black hair instead. He bent her over at the waist and pulled her mouth to his strut.

Yeve acted on instinct. She opened her lips and took him into her mouth.

Word appeared on her back. Twern groaned. Samuel’s usual terrible handwriting written in Old American spilled down her back. An entire book of binding demons to sextoys wrote itself on her pink skin.

Twern read and learned as Yeve sucked on his strut.

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