Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1st 2015 Transmission

Xanna watched the pink woman suck on the brown man’s strut. The woman sucked with an eager passion that made Xanna’s vussy wet. She could very easily imagine the pink woman sucking on Xanel’s strut and she knew her pair-bond would love that.

“What about that one?” Xanel asked.

Xanna turned her attention away from the pink woman and looked where Xanel was pointing. It was a Vitari female with bright orange fur. Xanna thought the fur would look great between their pitch black bodies but she shook her head.

“Vitari scratch too much and I am still tender from that Vulthan,” Xanna said.

Xanel nodded in agreement. It was her choice for who they fucked next but she appreciated his patience. He might be the most patient Athian male in the galaxy. Xanna always took her time when other women seemed to be much quicker at choosing their third for sex.

“There’s a human woman there who seems unoccupied,” Xanel said. His hand went to Xanna’s ass and gently squeezed.

Xanna purred from his squeeze. “I don’t like that armor plating she has on her breasts. I like something soft to squeeze.”

Xanel nodded agreement. Xanna reached for his strut and gave it a sympathetic squeeze.

“We don’t have to pick anyone,” Xanel said. There was stern sincerity on his face. “We could just fuck each other right here and let all the other people be jealous.”

Xanna laughed. “Pervert! You want to just fuck each other? Like humans do? You want to slip your strut into my vussy while squeezing my tits with no other mouth to help? No other hands to grope you?”

Xanel’s sincerity disintegrated into laughter. “I had you fooled for a second, didn’t I?”

Xanna stroked his strut until a moan escaped his lips. “Not for a second. I mean, can you even imagine?”

“Ugg,” Xanel said in agreement. “What is the point of getting pair-bonded if you are just going to fuck one person?”

“Depressing,” Xanna said. “Wait, see her?”

“The human with the brown hair?” Xanel said. “The one with the big squishy tits?”

“That’s the one,” Xanna said. “She has a furry vussy and wide plush hips.”

“You want to eat her, don’t you?” Xanel said. “You want to feel her bush on your face as you lick her out.”

“And you want those lips wrapped around your strut,” Xanna said. “You want to play with those tits as she sucks you off.”

Xanel’s strut pulsed in her hand. “You know me so well.”

“I do,” Xanna said. “Now let’s get laid.”


  1. What is the point of getting pair-bonded if you are just going to fuck one person?”

    This! Definitely this :)

    Happy future!

    xx Dee