Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2nd 2015 Transmission

Imily couldn’t believe her luck! Two minutes in the orgy and a strange couple with skin the color of darkest space approached her for a threesome! This sure beats online dating for sure!

The male was behind her. He was groping her big tits from behind. His fingers were nimble and surprisingly gentle. Fingernails danced over her breasts sending subtle quakes through her flesh. All the while Imily could feel the alien’s strut nestled between her buttocks.

The female was in front of her. She was reaching behind Imily and cupping her ass. Strong fingers squeezed and pulled at her plentiful flesh. As she did this, the female kissed behind Imily’s ear. Her lips were nibbling along the hairline and sending shivers down Imily’s spine.

Imily leaned back against the man behind her. This was an awesome end to a shitty day. Imily was an oral technician and her shift in the Mouth Parlor today had been a nightmare. Most of the males hadn’t washed and two of the females had teeth in their vussies. It paid the bills but days like this almost put her off sex. She had come to the orgy on a whim and it looked like she made the right choice.

One of the female’s hands slipped around to Imily’s vussy. The male sent a hand down there as well. The two worked in unison as they rubbed the outside of Imily’s vussy. Their coordination was uncanny. It was like being stroked by the same person.

Imily groaned. She reached for both of them. She stroked the strong arm of the male behind her, feeling the strength in his arm as he stroked the outside of her vussy. She moved her other hand to the small breasts of the female. She cupped the woman’s entire breast in her hand and playfully squeezed it.

Both of the aliens moaned. The female’s finger slipped inside Imily. The male’s fingers found her clitoris and rubbed it gently. The female finger fucked her while the male circled her clit. Their teamwork was impeccable.

Imily felt an orgasm coming. It felt slightly unfair. The couple was doing all the work and giving her all the pleasure. It was against Imily’s professional instinct as an oral technician but completely in tune with her instinct as a sexual being.

“Yes!” Imily cried as she came. She felt the male’s strut throb as she rubbed against it. She felt the woman moan into Imily’s ear.

Suddenly the woman slipped down to her knees. Imily looked down on the woman’s dark face burrowed into Imily’s pubic hair. She cried out again as the woman’s tongue flicked against her clitoris.

Imily trembled from head to toe. The male behind her held onto her breasts tightly. His strut pulsed between her buttocks as she clenched and shivered.

“Once she is done eating you, I would like you to eat me,” the male whispered in her ear.

Imily giggled. She thought he was done with sucking cock today but you know, she was willing to make an exception.

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