Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3rd 2015 Transmission

Xanel pulled the human woman’s head down to his strut. She opened wide and took his length down her throat. She bent over at the waist, sticking her ass in Xanel’s pair-bond.

Xanna stood up from behind the woman. Her dark face glistened with the human’s vussy juices. She smiled at her pair-bond as she slipped her fingers into the woman’s sex.

The woman moaned on Xanel’s strut. The vibrations carried from her lips and onto his strut. When her moan was over she began licking his member with a hungry urgency.

It was Xanel’s turn to moan. He held onto the woman’s brown hair as he pumped into her face. The human took his thrusts easily and he was impressed with her skills. The woman should go into face-fucking professionally.

Xanna was still stroking the woman. Xanel watched his pair-bond’s dark tits swing as she vigorously masturbated the woman. She used her free hand to grope the woman’s plentiful ass; holding her in place for her finger fucking.

The woman whimpered on Xanel’s strut. Spit fell from her lips and down his strut. He slowed down with his face fucking and her lips closed back around him. The suction from her mouth was incredible.

Xanna smiled at him. “Don’t forget those tits,” she said.

Xanel nodded. His pair-bond always looked out for him. He reached down for one of the human’s swinging breasts. His fingers grabbed a breast and his fingers sank into the unbelievable softness. There was something about human tits that made his strut hard and his balls ready to explode.

As his fingers tightened, the human sucked harder. More of his trut disappeared between her lips until she was at the base of his strut. Her tongue slipped out under his strut and flicked at his balls.

“Great Bang,” Xanel whispered. He stopped fucking her face altogether and let the human take over. She was clearly the expert here.

Xanna was free to amuse herself. Xanel watched his pair-bond stroke faster and faster, fucking the curvy human so fast that the human’s ass bounced. He knew from experience that Xanna was twisting her fingers with every stroke.

He felt it in the human’s sucking. She was moaning constantly now. She grabbed his ass as she kept him deep in her throat. Her tongue flicked his balls with increasing urgency.  

Xanel came. His strut released in the back of her throat. The human pulled slightly back so that she could taste his seed as it spurt from his strut. She looked up at him through her messy brown hair. Her eyes shone as she swallowed all that he gave her.

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