Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4th 2015 Transmission

Orick shuddered. Ziya leaned against his back. He felt all three of her blue breasts pressing into his back. Her hands reached around and stroked his strut. She wouldn’t give him her fingers. No, she just let her fingernails drag across his eager strut.

“You wish you were that Athian male, don’t you?” Ziya whispered.

Orick nodded. In front of them, a human woman was bent over between an Athian couple. The female was stroking the human while the human sucked on the male’s strut. The human’s pale skin was a sharp contrast to the dark black bodies of the Athians.

“Except you want both of the females sucking on your strut,” Ziya whispered. “I know what a greedy slut you. You want both mouths and you want to grab both of their tits. You especially want the human’s tits because they are big and fat just like you like them.”

Orick groaned. “Yes,” he admitted.

“Suck a greedy slut,” Ziya said behind him. “You have a Mupian girlfriend, considered by many races to be sex maniacs, but still you lust for other woman.”

She grabbed the base of his strut. A moan escaped his lips. He didn’t deny what she said.

Ziya stroked his strut. He stayed perfectly still as he didn’t want to do anything that she might take as an excuse to stop. Her grip was strong and in need of lubricant but he didn’t dare open his mouth.

“You are always so aroused,” Ziya, disapproval dripping with every word. “I should make you come just so don’t fire your payload as soon as you enter me.”

“Yes,” Orick groaned.

Her grip tightened painfully. He bit his lip to keep from crying out. In front of them, the Athian male shouted as he came in the human’s mouth.

“I haven’t decided if I am going to let you come yet,” Ziya whispered. “I might just have you fuck me and forbid you to come.” 

Orick whimpered. She started stroking him again, as if daring him to make a mess in her hands.

“Or maybe I will go ask that human to suck you,” Ziya said. “I will tell her that you are forbidden to come and that if she does, I will punish you. I bet she would enjoy that. I would even let her watch me punish you.”

“No,” Orick moaned. He felt his cheeks flush with shame. His blue lover would do, he knew. She had done it before.

“It is not your choice,” Ziya said. She stroked his faster with her hand.

Orick bit his lip and clenched his eyes. What she said was true and it was why he loved her so much.

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