Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5th 2014 Transmission

Ziya played with her lover’s strut. She sat behind him while she reached around and toyed with his organ. He was watching a threesome that was happening in front of them. The orgy was filled with such sights but this was the closest.

“Maybe I won’t fuck you at all,” she whispered. “Maybe I will let a dozen men fuck me while you watch and do nothing.”

“No,” Orick whimpered.

Ziya laughed. She loved human men. Mupian men would never let themselves be dominated. It made Mupian males so boring.

“You’re right,” Zita whispered. Her blue hand kept stroking Orick’s pale strut. “You have no self control. You would be too busy jacking off if you watched me fuck. I can’t trust you alone with your strut.”

She jerked him faster. Orick tensed and she laughed. He didn’t have permission to climax and he was trying so hard to restrain himself.

Ziya had no intention of making it easy for him.

“Fuck me, you greedy slut,” Ziya whispered. “Fuck my slick vussy and you better not come inside me.”

Orick didn’t have to be told twice. He spun around and climbed on top of her. Ziya laughed as he pushed apart her blue legs and pressed his strut to her bare vussy. He rammed into her with a desperate need.

Ziya cried out as he filled her. Mupian males possessed a third of the girth of human males. Orick’s strut stretched her vussy to her limits and beyond. She almost climaxed as his immense size filled her.

“Fuck me, slut boy,” she told him. “Fuck me and don’t hold anything back. And don’t you dare come.”

He did as he was told. Orick slammed into her and she cried out with every thrust. Her three breasts bounced with the force of his thrusts. Her thighs clenched tightly around his hips as he took her with desperate need.

Ziya could see how hard it was for him. He was on the verge of climaxing already. All of her teasing and all of her dirty words had driven him to the point of despair but being inside her wet tight vussy was almost pushing his limits.

She reached with her vussy tongue. It licked against his thrusting strut. She flicked the tip of his organ as it drove deep inside her.

“Lords of Space,” Orick whimpered. “Please, no. It’s too much!”

“Don’t fucking come,” Ziya said with faux anger. “You fucking dare!” she screamed; knowing full well how inevitable it was.

“I’m trying,” Orick moaned. She could see by his face how hard he was trying but she also felt how his fucking didn’t slow down for a second. He was trying to obey but he also wanted to give her the fucking she needed.

Damn, she loved this human.

She couldn’t wait to humiliate him when he came.

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