Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6th 2015 Transmission

Coszcatl arranged the calendar stones. There were so many of them, much more than she had ever laid out before. This was to be a long journey and each stone had to be exactly right.

When they were finally done, she heard the mating caw of a parrot outside her hut. Coszcatl smiled. That was a good omen considering where she was going.

She stood in her circle of stones and looked down on herself. She was going to an enlightened place so she could walk naked like civilized people should. Her brown breasts were shiny with sweat and her sex hair was damp with anticipation. Where she was going, she would blend right in.

Coszcatl took a step forward. She felt the Serpent God of Time wrap around her body. She took another step and packed dirt of her hut gave way to hard metal. A third step took her away from the humid air of the highlands and into the dry recycled air of a space station.

Writhing bodies surrounded Coszcatl. Humans and aliens fucked each other inside a large room. A large window showed the vastness of space and a few traveling starships.

Coszcatl laughed. It as just like the mysterious being called the Lover described. It was a festive orgy and one completely without the hang-ups that haunted the future races of man. This orgy was a long journey into the future but it was worth many calendar stones it took to get here.

“Coszcatl, by Jove! Is that you? I would recognize your Mayan beauty anywhere!” a familiar voice said.

It came from Lord Fredrick Rylott. The pale white gentleman was completely naked except for his monocle. Coszcatl couldn’t help notice that although he was sweaty and covered in bite marks, his mustache was still perfectly waxed.

“Lord Rylott!” Coszcatl said. She kissed him on the cheek in the proper manner of the more repressed civilizations. “What a pleasure you meet you once again! I do hope your Time Cycle is in a safe place this time!”

“Most certainly!” Lord Rycott said. “Our mutual friend, the Friendly Scholar Wang, showed me a convenient storage closet to stash my Time Cycle while I enjoy this particular excursion.”

“Wang is here?” Coszcatl said. “I shouldn’t be surprised. I came across him at Woodstock, Dumas’ resurrection party and Queen Erishella’s coronation orgy.”

“That is the peculiar thing about time traveling,” Lord Rycott said. “All the best parties in history are usually half made up of time travelers.”

Coszcatl laughed at his joke and stood closer to him. She took his hand and placed it on one of her sweaty breasts. Lord Rycott raised an eyebrow but he didn’t move his hand.

“I never did repay you Lord Rycott for rescuing me from the Dark Lords of the Earth in Texas,” Coszcatl said. “I would like to do so now if you like.”

Lord Rycott squeezed her breast gently and a red coloring came over his face. “I am afraid, madam, that I don’t know what you are talking about. This must have happened further down my own personal timeline.”

Coszcatl reached for his cock. It was slick from previous adventures that night but she didn’t mind. “Time is a circle constantly redrawn in the sand. Let me repay you and give you more reasons to rescue me later on. Surely, there is some pleasure I could you?”

Lord Rycott swallowed hard. “Well madam, I have always been a long admirer of your intelligence and good humor but I have also been an admirer of your lovely bum. It would be a great pleasure if you let me bugger you.”

Coszcatl smiled and turned around. She leaned back against him and her buttocks rubbed against his hard cock. Lord Rycott groaned into her ear.

“Lord Rycott, the pleasure would be mine if you fucked my ass on this station in space.”


  1. Really, really loved this entry!

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed all of time traveler week!