Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7th 2015 Transmission

Lord Fredrick Rycott pushed into Coszcatl’s ass. She was on her hands and knees and he was guiding her bottom back towards him. He watched as his pale white cock opened her brown asshole and entered her. She pushed back and her ass slowly engulfed his hard member.

“Yes,” Coszcatl moaned and Fredrick agreed with her. Ever since he met the Mayan lady, he had often fantasized about entering her perfectly round bottom. Now he was finally doing it and on a space station in the distant future no less! He just had to make sure to rescue her in future in Texas of all places.

“Deeper,” Coszcatl moaned. Fredrick felt color rise to his cheeks again. Ancient women were certainly more forward than the women of his time period! Well, so were the future women when he came to think of it. Actually all women from every time seemed to be more sexual than the women of his time. It was big reason for why he kept riding his Time Cycle.

Fredrick pushed deeper into her. He buried his entire cock in her brown ass. The pressure gripping his cock was amazing. Even though he had already fucked two aliens and one human today, he knew he was going to spend again in this beauty’s ass.

Beside him, a woman with blue skin licked the cunt of a woman with green skin. They both had horns and he wondered if they were the same species. The green woman cried her climax and she smiled at Fredrick when she caught him watching her.

Fredrick nodded towards her in acknowledgment and focused on the task of fucking Coszcatl’s ass. He didn’t know what the etiquette of orgy fucking was but it seemed improper to be looking at another woman while fucking someone’s ass. 

“By the Sun!” Coszcatl cried. “You are splitting me apart! Harder!”

An unpleasant image leaped to Fredrick’s mind. He was back in his study; drinking a brandy late one night. In front of him was a dying man, a great wound having cleaved him from shoulder to groin. The man pointed at Fredrick and then at the strange bicycle that he ridden on. The man mouthed the words that burned in Fredrick’s mind for the last three years.

“Ride, fool! Ride!” the man said. That man was as familiar as Fredrick’s own face for the man appeared to be without a shadow of a doubt, Fredrick himself except a few years older.

Fredrick would have given anything to know exactly just how much older.

Coszcatl groaned again. She reached between her legs and stroked her cunt with his cock in her ass. She shuddered and the vibrations did wonderful things around his cock.

Fredrick shook his head. Now was not the time to think about the paradox of how he came across his Time Cycle. Now was the time to fuck the ass of a woman who’s civilization was long dead before Fredrick ever drew breath. Now was the time to fuck the beautiful brown ass of a lovely woman. Now was the time to spend all of his seed in the tightest of delights.

So Fredrick fucked Coszcatl’s ass with his full attention like a proper gentleman.

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