Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8th 2015 Transmission

Dwayne MC slid his cock in and out of the silver alien’s mouth. He felt three tongues doing amazing things to his black cock. The woman stared up at him with adoration from all six of her red eyes. It was probably because of his fingers deep in her very tight pussy.

“I could suck on your strut all night long,” she said with his cock in his mouth. Dwayne figured if you had three tongues, talking with your mouth full was no problem.

“I doubt I will last that long, baby,” Dwayne said. He was referring to his cock but he was also referring to the rap he had laid down back in the 22nd century. The special words that he had freestyled back in his mansion had taken him to the far future but the effect always wore off. The further he went, he quicker he was pulled back. He had no idea how far he was in the future this time but there were aliens and all sorts of weird high tech shit. He had to have gone way into the future.

The woman cried out as his fingers found her third clitoris. She shivered as he did a trick that he learned at a release party at Second Madonna’s house. The alien choked on his cock and writhed in pleasure before passing out.

Dwayne laughed. A split second later he realized thought of a lyric based on what happened. A moment after that, he came with a hook and a possible song to go with it.

That was his reason for being here. Ever since he discovered the power of freestyle time travel Dwayne had been using his power to get inspiration from time and space. When other rappers were trying to guess future trends; Dwayne had already sampled them.

“Excuse me. Are you the rapper, Dwayne MC?” a voice said.

Dwayne turned around. He had fans this far into the future? Fuck, he was surprised when people in the 23th century recognized him but this was crazy.

It was a sister with a lovely afro which made Dwayne smile. He was always glad to see black people in the future. Suck on that, Hollywood. Most importantly, she was fucking hot with nice tits, wide hips and a thick black bush between her legs.

“Hey there, sister,” Dwayne said. “Don’t tell everyone I am here. I am trying to keep things on the down low.” He had appeared in the 23th century so many times that it was an urban legend that he faked his death. 

“Do not worry for no one here knows who you are,” the woman said. “You’re long dead and so is your music. I only know of your music because I visited your time once. You possess extraordinary talent despite the unfair social economic limitations of your society.”

Dwayne did a double take. “Uh, thanks? You’re a time traveler too?”

“Correct,” the woman said. “I am Chief Time Scientist of Axum, Makeda. I travel the future in search of wisdom, peace and to spread a healthy respect for black women through time. Do you understand?”

Dwayne nodded. “Axum? Is that from my future?”

“Sadly, no,” she said. She sighed but then forced on a smile. “I am currently here at this decadent palace for hedonists because I am on vacation. Would you like your sexual organ in my mouth?”

Dwayne really hoped that his time travel rap wasn’t wearing off anytime soon. “Yes, I would.

“Excellent,” Makeda said as she got down on the ground. She spread her legs for the rapper from the past that was her future. “After you eat my pussy I’ll think about it.”

Dwayne laughed. This woman was the real deal. He was going to eat some damn fine pussy and get some more inspiration for his next song.

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