Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9th 2015 Transmission

Makeda clenched her thighs around the musician’s head.  His lips were surprisingly soft on her sex but it was her tongue that made her hips move. She felt his tongue swirl and flick inside her with unbelievable skill. If he kept this up, he would earn her sucking of his cock.

But she knew it would never happen.

The orgy continued around her. It gave her hope for the future of humanity. Not only were black, whites and browns fucking each other but they were fucking aliens too. It was just a shame that she had to come so far into the future to find this level of civilized maturity.

The musician groaned into her sex. Makeda stroked his hair as he licked her. He was good. His mouth explored her entire sex and not just her lips or her clitoris. It was almost like they had sexual education in the future.

She turned her attention back to the orgy. She watched the Chinese time traveler, the Friendly Scholar Wang, fuck an alien woman with horns from behind. Wang had quite the passion for a man his age. Makeda wondered if she should allow him between her thighs the next time they met for tea.

Next to him was another time traveler, Sabine Von Madd. The blonde beauty was giving a handjob to a man Makeda didn’t recognize. Sabine was talking and Makeda wished she knew what the woman was saying. All of the Von Madds were insane but Sabine had specialized her madness in time travel. It was said that Sabine had been further in time than even the mysterious Lover.

Not for the first time, Makeda wondered why time travelers seemed to gather near each other. None of them used the higher math that Makeda used to travel time but yet she kept coming across them. Perhaps it was just a matter of some points in time were more popular destinations than others. Still, it didn’t explain why they were here on this day in the multiple year history of the orgy.

An idea formed in Makeda’s mind. It was something about points in time forming a nexus drawing the various paths of time travel together. The math for this smashed together in her mind at an astonishing rate.

The musician reached up to touch Makeda’s breast. His fingers gently caressed her breast and his fingers grazed her stiff nipple. The special math fled her mind as pleasure over took her.

Makeda reached down and held his head in both hands.  She shuddered wordlessly as she climaxed. Her thighs clenched tighter around his head while his tongue never ceased licking.

Suddenly he was gone. Makeda’s thighs closed around empty air. Whatever power held the musician to this time had faded.

That was okay with her. Makeda had what she wanted. The musician would return and write his song about the one he licked but got away. Axiom Queen would be a huge hit and only Makeda would know it was written for her.

That was why she allowed him to lick her in the first place.

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