Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10th 2015 Transmission

“And that Herr Wang is why all time-travelers, no matter what era or nation they are from, are able to speak with the time they visit,” Sabine Von Madd said. She spared a glance at the cock and she was stroking and tightened her grip.

“Fascinating theory,” Friendly Scholar Wang said.  He pulled out and ejaculated onto the ass of the horned alien woman he was fucking.  As he wiped his cock on her posterior, he added, “I must admit that your theory is a bit fantastic. If I didn’t know you better, I would call it insane.”

“You would be more correct calling it mad,” Sabine said. “It is our family motto, right Factrum?”

The man Sabine was stroking looked distracted. It was hard to tell because his eyes were hidden behind black and white goggles but Sabine was something of an expert on these matters. She knew when someone she was masturbating was thinking about something else.

“Excuse me, Herr Wang, I need a moment with my descendant,” Sabine said.

“Certainly,” Friendly Scholar Wang said.  “I want to go soak in the baths and see if I can find a Gillian that I have heard so much about.”

Friendly Scholar Wang stood up and left Sabine and Factrum alone. Sabine slowed down her stroking of Factrum’s cock.

“Speak up, Fractum,” she said.  “What is on your mind?”

“I can’t shake the feeling this is wrong somehow,” Factrum said. He pointed at her hand. “I realize you come from many thousands of years from the past, but we are still related.”

Sabine laughed. “Honestly this far down the timeline, almost any living human is a relative of mine. Yes, we are related but can I help it that I prefer to fuck my equals. I have been all through time and trust me sweetie, the best fucks are Von Madd’s.”

Sabine reached for his balls with her hand. The way her arms crossed squeezed her heavy breasts in a way that Factrum couldn’t help staring at.

“It feels a little strange to me, that’s all,” Factrum said. “Like fucking my great to the thousandth power grandmother.”

“That’s your problem, sweetie,” Sabine said.  “Think of me more like your naughty aunt. Your very dirty aunt that wants to taste your come right on my tongue.”

Factrum shuddered.  “That is much better.  May I grab your tit?”

“Of course!” Sabine said.  “My body is yours!”

Factrum grabbed a handful of his descendant’s plump pale breast. He let out a sigh as his fingers sank into soft flesh. His cock responded with renewed throbbing in Sabine’s hand.

“How do you time travel?” Factrum asked.

Sabine moved her second hand to Factrum’s cock. Both hands pumped his long shaft.

“I built an ingenious device that takes advantage of certain principles of the universe,” Sabine said.  I would show you but it is currently in the shape of a dildo that is up my ass.”

Factrum winced.  “Sounds like an uncomfortable way to time travel.”

Sabine shook her head. “Well, it was at first but I was in 1915 Germany so it was better than staying there. Over time I have found it to be quite pleasurable.”

“Having your time machine up your ass also sounds incredibly dirty,” Factrum said.  His breathing increased to a steady rhythm that Sabine recognized.

“And what is your area of expertise?” Sabine asked.  She leaned closer to his cock. A glisten of precum shined on his tip.

“Political science,” Factrum groaned.  “I’m going to be overlord of this station one day.”

“Yes, you will,” Sabine said with the certainty of a very naughty aunt.

Factrum climaxed and Sabine tasted him on her tongue.

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