Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11th 2015 Transmission

Starfall slid back onto the human’s strut. He was large but she took all of him inside her. Her claws came out and her tail wrapped around his waist. He grabbed tufts of orange fur on her hips and began to fuck her.

Yes, this was how Starfall wanted to celebrate her three days off. She loved her job at Burger Slut but sometimes it was good to get away from the smell of frying carbohydrates and the grind of the daily striptease. Today Starfall just wanted to get fucked.

The human was giving it to her. She knew a human would deliver. Humans loved Jelines, something about their similarities to a domestic animal they lived with. Starfall didn’t know the details and she didn’t care. She was getting the vussy pounding she was looking for.

Starfall looked around the orgy. One strut wouldn’t be enough today. She wanted to over indulge. She wanted more.

A Wuat caught her eye. He was was short and thick like all of his race but so was his strut. She wiggled her whiskers at him and perked her ears at him. Her tongue licked her lips.

He got the message. He came to her and Starfall opened her mouth. He aimed his strut for her lips and she took him in.

The Wuat groaned. The human fucking her groaned. Starfall purred.

Because he was a Wuat, she could use the rough side of her tongue on his strut. After a few licks the Wuat got so turned on that he started to fuck her mouth. He grabbed the scruff of her neck as he pounded her face. Starfall purred and let her jaw hang loose.

She had no problem letting him do most of the work. She felt the same way about the human fucking her vussy. It was nice to just be on her hands and knees while getting fucked at both ends.

There was something missing though. Being fucked by two struts was nice but she could do better. She wanted more.

There was a human woman watching her. The woman had nice brown skin although her sex was disturbingly bare of hair. The woman was masturbating while she watched Starfall take on two men.

Starfall waved her over. The woman smiled and approached her. Starfall reached for the woman’s sex with one hand as the Wuat continued to fuck her face. She ran a single claw along the lips of the woman’s sex.

“Lords of Space,” the woman moaned. The woman reached for Starfall and hesitated. Because the Jeline look so similar to the vicious Vitari, they assumed that the Jeline will be just as violent.

Starfall pushed her finger into the woman’s sex. A few strokes was all she needed to put the woman at ease.

The brown human stroked Starfall’s back. The feeling was electric. Starfall purred as the woman petted her harder.

Fucked, sucking and being petted. Starfall was in heaven. She was the center of attention of three beings.

She wanted more.

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