Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th 2015 Transmission

Baylex came inside the cat woman’s vussy. Her purrs grew stronger as he pumped his load inside her. The vibrations coming from hers purrs became too intense and he pulled out as soon as he was done.

He took a step back and the cat-woman’s tail started to swish from side to side. He laughed. A short alien was fucking her mouth and a woman was petting her back, but the cat woman wanted more. Already a blue male was taking Baylex’s place.

Baylex was a little surprised that he didn’t get scratched by the cat woman. He had heard that cat races were into rough sex. Oh well, you learn something new every day at the orgy.

Baylex walked away from the gangbang on shaking knees. Like usual there was no place to sit in the orgy. There were a lot of bodies and they were all fucking.

Maybe he should go to the hygiene bay and head home. His strut was a sticky mess of cat woman juices and his own seed. He had a shift at the bra factory in three hours and he doubted that he could come again anyway. That cat woman vussy had drained him completely.

He stumbled towards the hygiene bay. An alien woman with two heads approached him. Both heads were identical with full pink lips, bright yellow eyes and shirt purple hair. He knew it was a woman because of the two large breasts and the shaved vussy between its legs.

“Excuse me, human,” the head on the right said. “I noticed your strut is quite messy. May we clean it for you?”

“It would mean a lot to us,” the head on the left said. “And we promise to suck you clean.”

Baylex was sold. “I’m happy to oblige two pretty ladies!”

The alien got down on her knees in front of Baylex. His cock was still shriveled and spent but the head on the left didn’t seem to mind. She took him right into her mouth. Her tongue went to work and started licking up the mess on his strut.

The head on the right looked up at him. “My name is Lorel. Thank you for letting us have this.”

“You’re welcome,” Baylex said between moans. “What’s the name of your umm,”

“My sister’s name is Lona,” Lorel said. To Baylex it sounded almost identical but he nodded like the could tell the difference.

“Come on, Lona, share,” Lorel said. Lona made a face and reluctantly pulled her mouth away. Lorel dived in and sucked his limp cock.

Baylex groaned again. To his surprise, his strut began to harden. He tried to think of something witty to say to Lona but failed. It was hard to think with a talented mouth around your strut.

“Mind if I lick your balls?” Lona said. “They’re soaked with vussy juice. Some races don’t like having their balls touched.”

“No, no, go right ahead,” Baylex said.

Lona turned her head to the side and nuzzled up against her sister. Baylex felt her tongue on his balls. The two heads licked him and he noticed how different their techniques were. Lorel was slow and gentle while Lona was fast and hurried.

His strut returned to its full girth inside Lorel’s mouth. He had a feeling that he would be making another mess soon.

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