Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13th 2015 Transmission

Lorel felt the human’s strut against the back of her throat. He was throbbing against her tongue. She could taste the last vussy he was in as well as the seed he had released just a few minutes ago. She had no doubt she would taste fresher seed before long.

Lona, her sister, was cheek to cheek with her. Lona was focusing on the human’s balls. She relished the loud sucking sounds of Lona’s mouth so close to her own. It was always good to work with her sister.

That was fortunate considering that they were two heads on the same body. Like all Darggans, Lona and Lorel had been together since birth. They each controlled an arm and a leg which meant the simple act of walking took a level of teamwork most sentients weren’t capable of.

It also meant they gave one hell of a double blowjob.

Lorel pulled back on the human’s strut. She kept the tip of his strut between her lips but the rest of his length was exposed. Lona stopped sucking on his balls and moved her mouth to his strut. She licked the length of his strut from base to tip and back to the base.

“Lords of Space,” the human moaned. He bent over with pleasure and it was a miracle he stayed on his feet.

Lorel felt a hand on their sex. She knew it was Lona. Her sister was always the first to start stroking. Lorel didn’t mind. There was literally no one else who knew their body better.

It didn’t mean that Lorel couldn’t help. She reached for the breast on her sister’s side. She pinched her nipple and twisted.

Lona gasped. Lorel pulled completely off the human’s strut and Lona quickly took it into her mouth. Lorel laughed as her sister deep throated the human’s strut. Lona was always the greedy one.

Lorel had her needs too. She went to the human’s balls and licked them. She tasted her sister’s spit on them.

Lona stroked faster. She rubbed furiously at their two clits before dipping her middle finger into their vussy. Once inside, Lona fingered their selves feverishly.

Lorel groaned. She buried her face in the human’s pubic hair as Lorel’s fingers brought her close to orgasm. Her own fingers twisted Lona’s nipple harder. She felt her sister groan on the human’s strut.

They were going to come. Lorel knew it. Her sister knew it. Lona stroked faster, Lorel pinched harder and they both sucked on the human’s strut.

The human came first. Lona released his strut from her mouth as it spurted. The two crowded together with open mouths and flicking tongues. The human came on both of their faces.

They came a moment later. Their orgasm exploded through their body. They both groaned their pleasure as the human emptied onto their lips.

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